Hosted Voice Executive Features

Here’s where your executive team becomes super charged. This amazing feature line up improves the life of any executive.

Executive users include all features listed for Standard, Mobility and Executive features.




Why You’ll Love It

Selective Call Forward


Allows users to divert their calls to any number Never miss that important call when outside of the office.

CommPilot Express


Allows a user to easily configure their phone service based on pre-defined profiles. Easily manage incoming calls based on your status or presence.

  • Available – In the Office
  • Available – Out of the Office
  • Busy
  • Unavailable

Call Forward Immediate


Allows users to divert their calls to pre defined number Divert your number with a single button

Call Forward Selective


Allows a user to forward calls from selected callers to another phone number Allow’s you to prioritise the callers you want to call you when diverting your calls to another number. No more time wasters.

Call Notify


Trigger an email on certain incoming calls If a call meets your criteria an email or SMS is sent notifying you of the callers details of the incoming call attempt.

Push To Talk


Allows a user to make and selectively receive Push to Talk calls. The called phone automatically answers.

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