Hosted Voice Standard + Mobility Features

In today’s business world, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. With more and more employees working out of the office, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for customers and colleagues to reach these remote workers given the number of different devices and numbers (mobile, office, home) they may be using. In such a disjointed environment, there is a need for a solution that makes communications as seamless as possible — whether an employee is working from the office, on the road or at home.

Here’s where a few additional features can make all the difference to your remote workers.


Mobility Suite


Why You’ll Love It

Simultaneous Ring


Allows a user to configure secondary phone numbers to ring simultaneously when their phone number rings. Easily make other phones ring simultaneously, first phone to be answered is connected.

Remote Office


Remote Office enables mobile users to access and use their telephony services from any end-point. Easily work from home, keeps your home number private, provides full access just like you enjoy in the office.

Hosted Voice Anywhere


Allows staff to designate a single phone number for all outgoing and incoming calls no matter where they are. You can work from anywhere, even without quality broadband.

Busy Lamp Field


Allows a user to use to monitor the phone status of a list of users via an attendant console phone. Easily see at a glance who is on the phone before you call.


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