Frequently Asked Questions

Will my new telephone system integrate with my CRM database?

With software programs your phone system can capture every call against every client. You can tell who took the call and when. For outbound call centres you need never dial another number, just click the phone number on the screen and the software and phone system will do the rest, from logging the call, keep statistics, pop up the screen so the operator need only type the notes. Increased speed means increased profitability and accuracy.

Do I miss any calls?

Missing calls is a problem for any business, and lost incoming calls can mean lost revenue. With the introduction of s simple software application every call is logged, which means increased efficiency and better utilisation of your resources.

Does, my vendor have the resources to provide support for my business?

Do they have a team of specialists in every area from sales, administration, technical and IT to provide the highest standard together with leading technology 24 hours per day 7 days per week?

Will changing carriers benefit my business?

Swapping carriers isn’t always the answer. More often than not most of our customers have too many lines or even old outdated technology, which in fact is costing them money.

I am very mobile; can I have access to cordless technology?

Yes. Cordless technology can be integrated directly into your telephone system. You can even integrate your mobile phone with a telephone system

Do I really need back up power?

In light of the power disturbances and thunderstorms your business can be supported with a standby UPS back up power supply solutions can help prevent loss of calls and software settings.

Do I need Support and Maintenance

Yes if your business is mission critical. A maintenance contract usually applies only to fair wear and tear and generally does not cover moves, additions and changes. You will mostly receive prompt attention for major faults. Important to understand telco related faults may not be covered and additional costs may apply

Warranty – what does it include?

The manufacturer should guarantee the equipment for a period of Twelve (12) months from date of installation. You shall be entitled to the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty in respect to each item of the equipment for the duration of the Manufacturer’s Warranty Period. All equipment included under Warranty and in need of repair or replacement should be repaired or replaced free of charge. However the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover technical time for diagnosis, beware of additional costs if your vendor has not included this component.

How do I know my vendor has the correct technical expertise.

Modern technicians must hold current manufacture certified certificates. Be sure to request a copy.

Should I allow Remote Service and Maintenance

It is important that you consider security prior to allowing remote access to your business.
Thanks to the advanced nature of phone systems, many problems can be diagnosed and corrected remotely via a permanent modem can interrogate the system and run diagnostic programs. Often the fault can be rectified remotely using corrective software downloaded via the modem. If the remote action does not clear the problem a technician will need to visit your office.

Automated Attendant

Answers and routes incoming calls, thereby reducing operator workload and ensuring professional call handling after hours.

Did my vendor complete a Site Survey and Audit?

The advantages of Site Surveys and Audits are to insure that all your lines are fully utilised whilst maintaining the most cost effective services available on the market today. A survey could include a comprehensive line audit, call traffic analysis, cabling location, available capacity and much more.

Did I have enough Training

You should gain maximum commercial advantage from your investment in your telecommunications system. If your staff have comprehensive knowledge and competency with the system you have purchased, your organisation can take full advantage of its time saving functions and features. The result will be an increase in your organisation’s productivity and an improvement in customer service. Staff who possess higher levels of competency in their positions through professional training are generally more motivated, and encourage a happier work environment.

Does your vendor actively provide you with new developing technologies

This consulting service is to develop and recommend strategies, which will ensure that your communications system continues to meet organisational needs in a three to five year time frame. This service would include an analysis of existing systems and networks determine future functional and capacity requirements compare the costs of alternative migration paths and their relative performance and finally recommend an optimal approach.