Introducing Greg Eicke

My name is Greg Eicke and I’ve been working at the leading edge of voice communications for the past 29 years. In that time I’ve found that most companies are interested in five things when it comes to their phone technology. Firstly, the most commonly asked question is “Do I really need a VoIP phone system?” closely followed by, “How to reduce the phone bill?” Well I bring great news for the business owner who is looking for impressive productivity increases and equally enjoyable cost savings.

Another key frustration for businesses is the sheer complexity of many phone and data solutions. The good news is that communications complexity ends with Greg Eicke! As do all of its painful implications. Almost three decades in this industry has enabled me to develop what I call ‘brilliantly simple’ phone solutions. These solutions will make communications and collaboration second nature for your workforce. And of course they save you big dollars in ongoing phone costs… another reason why they are brilliant!

Now onto the ’Top 5 Questions’…’ I put this document together to help people better understand the techno babble used by slick sales people so they can make a quick informed decision on whether to purchase a traditional Digital Key Telephone system or explore further the options IP Telephony and Unified Communications would bring to their business.

I’ve been able to piece all of this together because for the better part of my career I’ve installed, maintained and sold Telephone Systems. This has also allowed me to provide sound advice from ‘Feet on the Street and Hands on Technical Experience’ so that my clients get the best solution and value for money.

• How can I reduce my telephone bill?
This special report is focused on saving your company the money and pain of making a poor purchasing decision when it comes to telecommunications. And that certainly is great place to start. I want to help you plug the leaks so that you are not needlessly sending your hard earned profits over to your phone company.
However I really want to go one step further. What if your telecommunications could be a profit centre to your business rather than just an expense item? What if I could find ways and strategies of actually bringing in more business to you and adding extra profit to your bottom line?
Saving my clients’ money is something I really love to do. But being able to help my clients MAKE more sales and profit is what really ‘cranks my handle’ and gets me excited!

• Should I “Bundle” calls with my new telephone system?

To bundle or Not to bundle?
The rule of thumb is “bundle & beware”. Here are some important points to consider when it comes to bundling – they could save you thousands…
• What are the call rates?
• How do those rates compare with what you are paying at the moment? You don’t want your phone bill to go up do you?
• How long are you locked into those rates for (rates are constantly changing, good rates today are bad rates tomorrow).
• Do you own the phone system at the end of the term?

Do I really need a High Tech Unified Communications telephone system?