The Top 5 Questions That Business Owners Should Ask When Buying a Phone System

If you’re like most business owners you probably get frustrated with ‘techno babble’ form fast talking sales people.  Before you start reading this you’ll be pleased to know that this article about business phone systems has been deliberately written in plain English.

When it comes to office phone systems I’ve found that most Technology vendors stretch the truth when it comes to what their phone system can do. Preferring the slick sales spiel approach so you buy on impulse.

As a business owner myself I understand the benefits of repeat business. The only why I have found to ensure repeat business is to give honest, reliable advice from the outset. For this reason, we enjoy fantastic recommendations from our phone systems clients. Here’s an example…

Dealing with Greg and his crew is light years away from dealing with the big Telco’s. Greg and his crew is so easy to work with and very down to earth. I also like the fact that they will give us honest advice and help us to clearly see the service and costs benefits of one option over another. That’s why we changed all of our land lines over to Greg’s telco company, we saved money and we receive awesome service. It wasn’t a hard decision!

Michell Birchall

Practice Manager Nicholsons Solicitors

I put this summary (plus a more comprehensive guide) together to help business people become aware of the potential options (and pitfalls) when the business phone system sales person comes knocking.

The reason I can speak with authority on this subject is because for the last 30 years (plus a few more), I’ve installed, maintained and sold Telephone Systems. This has given me a tremendous amount of ‘feet on the street practical experience’. Combine this with my own experiences as a business owner and it provides a unique perspective – one that an employed sales rep can rarely come close to. My aim has always been to achieve the best solution and value for money for my clients when it comes to their phone system.

If you are an ICT professional, it may be advantageous to chat further over a coffee. After 35 years in the industry I have a keen understanding of the intricacies of phone systems and computer systems. From considerable experience the best results come from collaboration between phone system vendor and the ICT team. The overriding goal is to complete the project, not to compete.

Greg Eicke
Owner, Prone Systems Brisbane

Read as follows

  • nbn™ Ready
  • Digital, IP, VoIP and UC techno babble
  • SIP trunks
  • Will I need my IT company to be involved?
  • Do I really need Unified Communications?
  • Do phone system technicians need to be licenced

If you are, then you are not alone. Upgrading your phone system can be a mine field of confusion and techno babble. It is so important to get this purchase right. Communication is the life blood of any modern organisation. I’ve seen first-hand the stress on the faces of business owners who are “off the air” without telecommunications for days because they didn’t understand what I am about to share with you.

The five most important questions you need to ask (and get reliable answers to) before you purchase a phone system.

1. What Does nbn™ Ready mean?
2. What are digital and IP phone systems? What can they do for my business?
3. How can I reduce my bill?
4. Can my IT company supply phone systems?
5. Do you sell recognised telephone system brands?

In addition to this summary, I’ve a detailed guide that takes each of these 5 questions and examines them in more detail. Knowing the answers to these 5 questions will help you make more well-informed decisions about the phone system to buy for your business.
Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. Follow the five points and you’ll be sure to make the best decision for your business.

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