I put this document together to help people become aware of where the pitfalls are when purchasing new a phone system and what options you have available to you. I’ve been able to piece all of this together because for the better part of my career I’ve stayed independent of any one Telco so as to be able to provide non biased advice to my clients. This has also allowed me to learn many of the insider secrets’ that the Telco’s don’t want you to know.

“Bundling” your telephone hardware with your ‘call spend’ cuts you out of massive savings.
The sales person gave you a great spiel – told you everything you wanted to hear.
i.e. “It’s Easy…Everything is on easy to read bill…you will save up to 16%… one easy monthly payment.” or perhaps “We’ll give you thousands $ to spend on a new phone system, just sign up for this fixed spend for 5 years”

Here’s the real FACTS;
– Telco’s are primarily interested in your monthly call spend!
– Telco call rates have consistently dropped annually over the past decade
– A tiny discount (around 16%) on qualifying calls to lock you into fixed prices for 3 – 5 years. (Think about it this way…would you lock in a fixed Mortgage rate in a falling interest rate market?)
– In almost all cases the tiny Telco discount falls a long way short of off setting the cost of paying for the their re-branded phone system.
– Telco’s need to maintain revenue levels; they’re simply not concerned about reducing your bill. Instead offering purported FREE $ to spend on a phone system equipment (only supplied by them). In return for your lengthy obligation of a minimum monthly spend for the next 5 years.

(Would you sign a 5 year mobile phone contract? what’s more “Would you consider an extended period when the NBN is just around the corner?)

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