9 Reasons to Choose Zultys

Zultys LogoAfter the better part of 3 decades in the industry I’ve seen many changes and developments in telecommunications. Although VoIP, IP Telephony and Unified Communications shares the sand pit with your computer network there is a distinctly different approach to telephony. Now many manufacturers can do wonderful tricks with their VoIP Phone Systems and Unified Communications. Manufacturers like ShoreTel and Avaya have become fixated on developing swanky looking sophisticated difficult to use software, ignoring the basic fundamental telephony features we’re used to having.

Let me explain, imagine you are on a call to a colleague and you’d like to conference another person in and share your screen and discuss a pending project. Sounds like a fairly normal requirement in today’s busy business world. With Zultys it’s one simple click and your done whereas VoIP phone Systems like ShoreTel and Avaya you’d need to hang up and start another call clicking away feverishly, that’s if it was capable of a web conference.


The Company in Australia
My connection with Zultys products goes back to 2003 when the Regional Director of Zultys Technologies Martin Trigg, introduced me to Zultys shortly after entering the Australian market. Martin’s long term tenure with Zultys and Australian distributers is testament to the quality of a world class global company. Many other competitive telecom VoIP Phone System manufacturers like ShoreTel, Avaya and Mitel have experienced regular turbulent times with Australian based teams and distribution channels.

In my view Zultys is the pioneer of SIP open standards VoIP phone systems unlike their rivals who use proprietary protocols. This means you’ll never be locked into expensive proprietary phones that manufacturers like ShoreTel, Cisco, Avaya and Mitel. The open standards platform safeguards your investment and does not tie you down. Interestingly, Zultys supports virtually any SIP device, so there is almost no boundary to the potential of a Zultys IP Telephony Solution.

The Products
Time honored telephone systems are inherently very reliable and stable. Then along comes’ VoIP, IP telephony and Unified Communications. Now we have telephones socialising with PC’s, Smart Phones and Tablets introducing another set of potential integration challenges and support concerns. We now have IT professionals working with Telecom experts in the same sandpit which makes for interesting times. The Zultys VoIP Phone System is a true all in one solution not relying on a 3rd party server or software and meaningfully less reliance on IT professionals. The Zultys all in one box is unique in the IP Telephony arena.

Constructors like Cisco, ShoreTel and Avaya require expensive 3rd party servers and Microsoft software in an attempt to compete with the all in one Zultys solution. What’s more these additional servers swell the cost of ownership with IT support, carbon foot print and not forgetting the usual replacement in 3 years’ time. We call these “Server Farms” that increase the necessity for more and more IT resources, costing more and more every year.

Since the Zultys is a SIP standard solution and use standard databases we can truly integrate the Zultys with customer’s data to create true solutions. While our contenders sell VoIP phone systems our customers purchase integrated businesses solutions! We can effortlessly read your databases to intelligently route your clients to the information and people that they need most. Our potent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature can save huge expanses of your staff’s time and dramatically improve your customer’s satisfaction with your company.


1.         Zultys is a Game Changer

Over the past 3 years we’ve witnessed a distinct change in who is buying VoIP phone systems. One noticeable inclusion in the purchasers list is now small businesses with staff of 5 to 15 (including some road warrior staff). Previously small business operator needs didn’t extend to the value IP Telephony offered. In recent years however the demand on mobility and higher performance from field based staff has caused businesses to look for solutions beyond what the traditional phone system can provide.

The world is changing very fast and every business must to remain abreast of technology to stay competitive. Now the smaller end of town can play in the same markets as their bigger rivals. This is only one the reasons why we believe the Zultys as an ideal solution for almost any enterprise. This is truly a David and Goliath story, as the Zultys phone system is a game changer levelling the playing field. Unified communications enables lean and nimble small business to take advantage of the huge benefits Zultys offers, potentially leaving the competition in their wake

2.      Open Standards

Unlike almost every other VoIP phone system manufacturer, Zultys support the open standard SIP protocol for handsets and incoming lines. This means if you want to use say a Polycom Soundpoint a Cisco IP handset, or simply connect a VoIP trunk, you can. Proprietary protocols used by ShoreTel, Ayaya and Mitel simply lock you into a manufacturer and potentially risking deprived development of the product.

What about saving money using VoIP?

Australia’s national broadband network (NBN) will provide the quality infrastructure and bandwidth to support VoIP, which in techno babble talk means SIP Trunks. To better understand the techno talk on bandwidth grab a copy of “Here’s How to Understand Bandwidth” at www.phonesystemsbrisbane.net.au/development.


As data networks become increasingly more reliable and high speed networks approach ubiquity, the move toward VoIP will continue. More and more institutions are finding that the switch makes sense, economically and technologically. VoIP will likely see greater integration with online services. VoIP is part of a larger trend toward converged communications, which promises expanded feature sets and increased reliability and effectiveness of enterprise communications.

Having said that, we’re puzzled why VoIP Phone System manufacturers like ShoreTel do not natively support SIP Trunks relying on 3rd party devices in an struggle to claim SIP compliance.

Oh! By the way, every Zultys system incudes up to 60 SIP Trunk licences FREE…why would you think about purchasing a rival VoIP phone system without SIP trunks?

According to the 2010 Nemertes benchmark, “Building the Virtual Workplace,” 79 of 100 enterprises interviewed were planning to deploy unified communications over the next two years.


3.      MANY Uses and EASY to Use.

Unlike rivals, every component of Zultys is manufactured or developed by their own engineers. Did you know some manufacturers like Cisco are made up of many different companies combined in order to maintain advancement? This is widely recognised as development by acquisition.

MXIE (pronounced Mixy) delivers quick and easy access to a feature rich environment. Whether you’re a power user, remote worker or a dinosaur MXIE makes your working life easy. A single click to set up a web conference, dial a number, record a call, chat with instant message and so much more.

Oh! By the way a soft phone is included with a MXIE licence FREE. Every other VoIP phone system challenger makes you pay for an additional licence.

Here’s a great question for VoIP phone system manufacturers like ShoreTel, Ayaya, Cisco and Mitel. Does your system support Terminal services, Windows, Mac and Linux?

4.      Integrated and Easy to Deploy

We’ve not enjoyed so much indulgence competing with VoIP phone System opponents like ShoreTel, Cisco and Avaya because no other IP Telephone System on the market today packs as many features or as much power & efficiency for the price all in one elegant box. We believe Zultys is the best value in the industry today. With so much more from 1 efficient 2U Rack Mountable unit and no need for expensive external servers. Features like ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Text to Speech, Advanced Voice Mail, Find me Follow me are Integrated and run on and within a system without the need to add or deploy external servers, which seriously escalates the price and significantly complicates the deployment, maintenance and support.


Thanks to the elegant and simple to use administrative console interface is a pleasure to use. Our customer’s easily complete ad’s, moves and changes after just one hour of training.

5.      Worldwide World Class support

When things go wrong you want to know you can be supported locally with factory trained highly skilled technicians. Additionally IP telephony technicians understand computer networking so you can be sure of excellent working relationships with your IT personnel. All Zultys products can only be purchased through authorised reseller and dealer channels.

Premium Zultys dealers like IP Gen regularly complete rigorous factory service and sales training which means you get the very best advice and peace of mind knowing that you are well supported by a local company. Unlike many other VoIP phone system manufacturers, Zultys maintains excellent support teams in Australia along with factory support. It’s not uncommon for factory Zultys engineers monitoring Australian deployments from California assisting local technicians resolve complex challenges.

6.      Ongoing Development

Traditional digital phone systems by and large do not receive the development resources given VoIP phone systems. A traditional phone system usually varies little from the day of deployment. A digital phone system does not lend itself to the capabilities and feature rich progression of Unified Communications which means the initial investment has a limited life and cannot be re-harvested.

Furthermore this is the case with many VoIP phone system manufacturers where the redundant equipment life cycle is constrained to the availability of ongoing support from the manufacturer. Let me explain, manufacturers like Cisco and Avaya build a life cycle into their equipment. Usually his is approximately 3 to 5 years driving buyers to reinvest additional funds to remain in touch with technology. Whereas the brilliant Zultys design allows you to continue gaining leverage without needing to plough more money into hardware.

Imagine buying a brand new car and finding out in 3 years that your pride and joy is no longer supported because there is a new model?

In For The Long Haul.

Zultys is only one of two VoIP phone system manufacturers we know of who’ll offer an incredible 5 year support agreement from purchase date. This demonstrates unwavering belief in their product united with a passionate commitment to customers.

7.      Green Credentials – Eco Friendly

We think the Zutys product is so energy efficient, the term carbon foot print is undeserved; shall we say a Carbon pin prick is more appropriate.

A fully loaded MX250 provides a complete voice and Unified Communications solution for 250 users while using less energy than a simple house hold light bulb. That’s an envious carbon footprint of a tiny 1/3 of a watt per user less than a battery powered calculator.

Being up to 6 times more energy efficient than rivals like ShoreTel, Cisco and Avaya, Zultys engineers have stamped their commitment on carbon reduction.

Furthermore Zultys offers as standard face to face video and web conferencing sanctioning reductions in travel costs and carbon footprints.

8.      All in one neat box

Windows, Mac and Linux environments are all supported by Zultys further depriving IT expenditure budgets. Meaning Voice Mail, Call Recording, Auto Attendants, Call Centre Agent Software, Call Reporting, Fax, CRM Integration, Client applications, Remote working and much more are all contained in one efficient and tidy rack mounted box.

You can relax; Zutys is comfortable in Terminal Server and thin client environments.

Engineered to be brilliantly simple, easy to install and incredibly easy to maintain. Let’s compare 2 identical installations, Zultys and rivals like ShoreTel and Cisco. The contenders would still be configuring their expensive server whereas the Zultys technician would be close to 50% completion. This makes Zultys deployments considerably faster and with lower cost.

IP Phone system providers like ShoreTel involve expensive servers just to operate rudimentary features like Fax or Instant Message. Picture the additional cost for multisite enterprises?

Superbly feature rich and elegantly simple, a single MX 250 appliance runs on less power than a 75 watt light bulb. This is why Zultys is typically 20-30% less than their competitors! And that doesn’t include the extra servers running day and night. We just don’t need all of that superfluous equipment and extra failure points.

Opponents charge for language packs. Zultys do not. Competitors charge for standard ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). The standard ACD is included at no extra cost and even includes a full call accounting that rivals many separately priced applications.

ü  ACD (Inbound Call Center)

ü  Call Detail Reporting & Accounting

ü  Call Record

ü  Mobile Phone Twinning

ü  Conferencing

ü  Advanced CTI

ü  Secure Chat & Chat Rooms

ü  Fax Server (Origination and Termination)

ü  Find me Follow Me

ü  Instant Message

ü  Presence

ü  Redundancy & Failover

ü  Soft Phone

ü  Teleworker Support

ü  True Server based Unified Messaging

ü  Visual Voice Mail

ü  SIP, ISDN PRI, Analog Trunks without the need for External Gateways

ü  Remote Phones don’t require VPN


Yep…all in one tidy and efficient box!

9.      Mobility

It takes more than a laptop and mobile phone to keep remote employees connected today. Being connected means instant access no matter where and when. Zultys have developed applications for smart phones and tablets so users can instantly access the same information on their mobile devices just like they would on their desk top in the office

Zultys mobile communicator is a real time presence and communications client for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry that delivers a complete unified communications network experience to mobile workers. Some of the best features include;

ü  Rich mobile presence

ü  Secure Instant Message

ü  Mobile Privacy – Protect your mobile number

ü  Single number contact – Eliminate telephone tag

ü  Corporate directory access

ü  Hold, Transfer and park calls from your mobile

Did you know?

  • 60% of employees say they don’t need to be in an office
  • 32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device
  • 38% of employees are most productive at home

Cisco Systems Mobility Survey, 2012.

The daily commute to work is stressing out Australian workers more than ever and technology is badly needed to improve things, according to a new study… technological solutions include introducing greater flexibility to work from home (35%)…