Your Monthly Phone Systems Brisbane invoice will be processed on the 1st of each month, and emailed to your nominated email address, The Bill is payable by the 15th of the same month.


Your first invoice may be higher than you expected as it may contain some pro-rata charges. This varies depending on the selected rate plan.


Pro-rata charge is the partial amount of Plan or Service & Equipment (Line Rental, Value Added Service) charges, covering the period from the date that you became active with Phones Now (formally Phone Systems Brisbane) up until the end of Billing Cycle for that product.

A Pro-rata charge will only appear on your first invoice to ensure you are brought into line with our billing cycle. This might also mean you will be eligible to receive a credit from your previous provider from the date your services left them up until your previous billing cycle end date.

How will this look on my first invoice?
When you receive your first invoice, you will see two separate monthly charges.
1. A pro-rata charge from your start date to the end of the month
2. A charge for your normal billing cycle in advance
It may appear that you have been charged twice for the plan; however this is not the case.
Note: This is the only time you will see this pro-rata charge period. Once in line with our billing cycle, all future invoices will simply cover the normal monthly billing period.


We all like to do our bit for the environment so we offer a paperless bill to be emailed directly to you each month rather than one sent by post. This not only saves the environment but can save you money if you set up with Direct Debit. To change your account to Direct Debit simply call our friendly customer care team on 1300 58 4000 from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday (AEST). A paper Bill is available on request, charges for printing and postage will apply. You may also download your current and past bills from the customer portal.

Payment Options

Payments are accepted via the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit

Please refer to your bill for details.

Understanding your bill (click here)

Late Payments

If your payment is not received on or before the due date, a late payment fee of $27.50 will apply.

Financial Hardship and Debt Counselling

If you are experiencing financial genuine financial hardship and think that you may be covered by our policy, please contact us to provide evidence of the financial hardship for us to consider.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, there are a number of organisations which provide free counselling and assistance. To find a financial counsellor in your area visit

A report from a financial counsellor can help show what you can afford to pay towards your telecommunications services and may be required under our financial hardship policy.

Financial Hardship Policy   (Add this link to Financial Hardship Policy )


Billing Enquires

Please contact or or  1300 58 4000