From our considerable experience the best results come from IP Telephony experts with extensive IT networking experience, collaborating with your trusted IT company so you can get the best of both worlds right the first time. The cloud phenomenon has eroded IT sector revenue. Their focus has changed to IP telephony to recover lost market share.

IP Telephone Systems, Desktops, Software, Routers, and servers all share the same network and cabling. Inexperienced phone system vendors, large telco’s and especially IT companies struggle in this arena. IP phones use Ethernet cables just like your computer, because of this many IT companies will have you believe they are now phone experts.

Don’t Fooled this is not true



IT and IP Telephony have a different set of rules. It is crucial to understand the first most important basic rule. Let me explain… You see a data network is like our streets, roads, and highways. When traffic is, heavy everything slows. Data can run slow, often without any affect; however, voice must have exclusive access to its own free flowing traffic lane to ensure business grade call quality. We’ve often been called into rescue failed IP telephony installations. It takes years of hands-on experience to successfully deploy IP Telephone systems.

Before the nbn™ was first proposed by the government, we were successfully connecting small businesses to SIP trunks on IP phone systems. Our early adoption back in 2010 means we have a strong proven record of accomplishment in IP telephony.