Don’t Assume That All Cloud Phone Systems Can Do What You Want

The best thing about being active in the field with customers and prospective customers is seeing the solutions other providers put in – those that work and those that don’t!

Here’s a great example from the field…

I was talking with a prospective customer the other day, let’s call him Bill. Bill was telling me about what he wanted to do with his businesses and what he needed from his phone system.

I pointed out to Bill a few things that his current ‘toy’ hosted system wasn’t doing for him.

Let me explain…

Bill has four different entities that his team made and received calls from. The previous supplier hadn’t set up separate voicemails, on-hold messages or call identification for the four different entities.

Unfortunately, this type of oversight is common. The focus is on plugging everything in and checking that the phone rings. As you know, the phone ringing is only the beginning – what about all the methods of handling that call so that you get the business outcome you need after the phone rings initially?

The thing I found most interesting about this case is that the cloud phone system they installed couldn’t handle these requirements anyway. Bill’s requirements weren’t that complex in telephony terms, but the ‘toy’ system installed couldn’t even handle telephony 101.

cloud phone system warning for Brisbane business

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I often laugh that “many cloud systems look pretty, but they aren’t that smart!”

It’s essential that you consult with a telephony expert who can decipher how professional communication needs to work in your business. It’s best to get a person who has seen it all before and can ask you “what do you want to happen when ‘x’ happens?”, or “how will you handle “y”?

The more you can thoroughly think through how your telecommunications can give you a competitive advantage BEFORE you decide on a system, the better you’ll be.
In Bill’s case, he is going to have to get rid of his substandard cloud system and migrate to a system that can do what he needs and grow with his business.

Maybe Bill saved a few bucks on the initial installation, but over the short term (just a couple of years), no one could say that he got out of it cheaply!

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