Communications Assistant Supervisor

The CA Supervisor application is an indispensable productivity tool for team managers and supervisors. The software allows team leaders an easy way to keep an eye on all their team members’ telephony communication activities. Group leaders can easily monitor team members’ phone status, call details, presence and availability – perfect for managing an informal call centre or a small team receiving customer calls. In addition to the features supported by CA Professional, the following key features are additionally supported:

  • Dashboard for call activity
  • Manage Team memeber calls
  • Remote Agent Log in/ logout
  • Redirect calls
  • Conferencing – Use easy ‘drag and drop’ conferencing across multiple locations. Mute, hold or drop local and remote conference participants
  • Listen In – Manage networked call groups with the ability to listen in on conversations at remote networked locations.
  • Call Pickup
  • Busy Override
  • Enhanced Status Information for Networked users
  • Easy, user-friendly Operation – Simple and intuitive GUI design gives access to advanced system features with less training. Easy setup and customisation means users can configure CA to their own needs, with personal contact lists and quick keyboard shortcuts. Visual interface allows a quick overview of who is available to handle calls, maximising productivity
  • Effective Visualisation – Automatic presence and availability display for easy management call history at a glance for fast access to recent callers
  • Business Application Integration – Full, integrated access to unified messaging system MS Outlook, Exchange scheduler and CRM integration with IP network cameras