An IMPORTANT Message for Business Owners and Managers in Brisbane…

Don’t Let Them Treat You Like a Sucker!

Dear Business Owner,

Phone Systems Brisbane - Greg EickeThis is a very important letter. You need to be aware of what’s happening in the local Brisbane market right now. It’s not good, so please pay attention!
You’ll see why I attached the lollipop in a moment…

Recently, Brisbane businesses and professional firms have been subject to a barrage of lies about what changing to the nbn™ means for their business.

This is coming from unscrupulous sales people. They are out for a quick buck and they are saying whatever they need to in order to get a deal. Don’t be fooled.

Personally, I’ve been to 3 companies this week who were on the verge of making very costly mistakes. Each time this was due to the B.S. that they were told by lying sales people! Thanks to us, they’re now on the right track.

RELAX! Your Phone System Can Work With the nbn™
It’s a Simple and Cost-Effective Process. Don’t Worry!

I’ve sent this letter today to let you know that your phone system can be made compatible with the nbn™. Don’t be sucked in by anybody who tells you otherwise. I’ve attached the lollipop to remind you
that you don’t have to change phone systems if you don’t want to.

If you want to know the truth, take a look at this quick video that my team made, you can view it at

Here’s the two scenarios for local business right now. See if you can relate to one of them…

SCENARIO #1“There’s nothing wrong with my existing phone system, I want to keep it”

Good news! Remember when digital TV came in? Many people used a ‘digital set top box’ to extend the life of their old TV. You can do the same with your phone system…
• It’s quick and hassle free
• It’s inexpensive
• There’s no interruptions
• You can get on with business
Our technicians can have this installed and up and running in approximately one hour.
Please turn over…

Give us a call on 07 3177 3355 and we’ll come out and have a look. There’s no cost or obligation to you for the fist visit. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your options.

SCENARIO #2“Our phone system has seen better days, we need a new one”

Even better news! You can be up and running with a phone system really quickly now days. You can rely on our 98% success rate of seamless change over to the nbn™.

Beyond this, every new phone system with 6+ handsets can receive 3 months of phone calls for FREE. Here’s what you’ll receive;

  • 3 months FREE calls with new systems of 6+ handsets
  • The best quality system that lasts & lasts
  • Properly certified nbn™ specialists
  • No lies or B.S. Just genuine advice.

**One more thing worth noting…
We’ve been able to show many Brisbane businesses how they can pay for their new phone system out of savings on their phone bill. They still enjoy clear, crisp calls all day, every day! (Yes! That’s possible when you have 35+ years of experience in the Telco industry)

Click here for more info. or call 07 3177 3355.

As an Advocate for Brisbane Small Business, I Want to Give You a Guarantee
Your business is different from the rest. You need specific advice to get you the best telco solution for your business. You can rely on my team for accurate, genuine and honest advice.

Here’s my Guarantee to you: If it doesn’t do what we say, we’ll fix it or replace it.
No quibbles. It’s Guaranteed!

Phone Systems Brisbane - NBN Accredited“Dealing with Greg and his team is light years away from dealing with the big Telco’s. Greg and his crew are so easy to work with and very down to earth. I also like the fact that they will give us honest advice and help us to clearly see the service and costs benefits of one option over another.”
Michell Birchall, Practice Manager, Nicholson’s Solicitors.

I’d be delighted to help you navigate your change-over to the nbn™. My team specialises in keeping you on the air, productive and frustration-free. Give me a call on 07 3177 3355.