Telephone System manufacturers and distributers certify their dealers to protect credible business owners from unscrupulous would be phone system vendors. Hosted phone system vendors are touting the magic low cost fix all solution using a would-be phone system with mix and match hardware. In short, they are trying to be something they are not.

IT vendors sell and support IT equipment, NOT telephony equipment. Additionally, IT technicians are NOT trained in telephony.

Would you put your vital business communications in the hands of an amateur?

IT vendors can ONLY offer a generic flavour “product of the month” usually attached with 3rd party products. The business owner is left with a jumbled array of manufacturers and no direct line of support when things go wrong. We’ve also found most IT vendors stretch the truth when it comes to their ability to successfully deploy reliable IP telephone systems.


Beware of Vendors Selling Generic Brands


Here is a quick snap shot to illustrate the important differences between IT professionals and IP telephony experts.


Domain of an IT Professional:

Software, Computers, Servers, Security, Anti-Virus, Data backup, Email issues, computer help desk windows support.


  • Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, Netgear, D Link, …
  • Products available from ANY technology vendor
  • Regulations & Industry Licencing: None known
  • If your IT company is offering you a phone system Be sure you see their ACMA licence before you sign on the dotted line


 Domain of an IP Telephony Expert:

Building and Installing IP Networks and IP Telephone Systems.


Panasonic, Samsung, NEC, Avaya, Alcatel, Commander, ShoreTel, NorTel, LG Ericsson

Specialised products ONLY available from factory certified telephone system distributers.


Regulations & Industry Licencing:

Must hold current Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA)licence to work on telecommunications equipment and cabling. This means small business owners are protected from unscrupulous operators. Must hold factory certified credentials to install and support, this means you have expert IP Telephone technicians looking after your vital business communications.