Green RV is full-service, familyowned caravan businesswith outlets in 5 Australian cities and towns. They are committed to helping their customers find the perfect caravan. Green RV also sees themselves as having “extraordinary staff members willing to go the extra mile” for the customer.With Panasonic solutions, they are realizing this vision and business model


Green RV is a family-owned and operated business that sells recreational vehicles. It has 5 locations scattered over a wide area. Green RV’s business model calls for maximum support and interaction with their customers; however, their legacy system was not providing the support they needed. They had a mix of PSTN and SDN lines and a “mish mash” of telephony circuits. There was no messaging and no intersite visibility. Moreover, the system was hard to use and had terrible support. Potential sales were being lost particularly after hours, and there was no ability for callers to leave messages. Callers had to call several sites looking for roaming staff members.


The certified Panasonic unified communications reseller, Phones Now Pty Ltd (formerly Phone Systems Brisbane) assessed the shortcomings of Green RV’s legacy  system and came up with a solution tailored to their business needs and in line with their long-term vision of total customer support. The Panasonic Panasonic KX-NSX700 was selected as “flagship” system and paired with robust Panasonic NT553 handsets featuring high-definition voice quality, 12 x 2 flexible CO buttons and an easyto- read 3-line backlit LCD. The Panasonic KX-NSX700 is easily installed, offers a wide range of functions and is ready for business expansion. So successful was this installation configuration at their Gympie office that Green RV added their Melbourne site to the network with remote NT583 handsets and dedicated nbn™* circuits. An additional site on the Sunshine Coast added another 20 remote NT553 via nbn™ tail circuits. Ultimately there will be 65 handsets and 30 trunks running across Green RV’s four locations featuring redundancy and failover. All remotes will be managed by the Gympie NS700 system.

*NBN Co Limited (nbn™) is an Australian government-owned corporation established to design, build and operate Australia’s National Broadband Network as a wholesale broadband provider.

“The solution with everything we asked for and more”

Carl Green

CEO, Green RV

“Conference calls are a breeze”

Green RV Staff

Green RV


Green RV staff found a lot to like about their new Panasonic solution including:

  • Press-of-a-button connection for intersite calls
  • Easy-to-manage voice mail system
  • Easy-to-use conference call system
  • Remote receptionist call handling during public holidays


Green RVs new Panasonic system has sent sales up and costs down. Big savings have been realized on carrier service costs while at the same time caller capacity has gone up. Moreover, offices can now support each other thanks to comprehensive routing of calls from marketing numbers, increasing localized sales opportunities.

And perhaps most importantly, calls are no longer lost after hours thanks to inter-site visibility of all employee availability and 24/7
voice mail. By adopting a Panasonic-based solution, Green RV, a family-owned and family-run Australian caravan dealer, has modernized and rationalized its communications and received immediate benefits across the board and also set itself up for
future expansion in the dynamic Australian RV market.