Gympie Regional Realty is Queensland’s premier realty agency. Located in the cultural and heritage center of Queensland’s Coolola region, Gympie Regional Realty is a locally owned and run realty business that boasts experienced and helpful staff, prides itself on providing first-class real estate for sale or rent, and has as its motto and corporate vision, “We’re here to help.”

When property owners register with Gympie Regional Realty they receive a whole suite of support including free local advertising, free “open home” marketing and free database marketing. Recently Gympie Realty expanded and opened Noosa Regional Realty at a location quite distant from the main office. Their business expansion then moved in a wholly different direction when they purchased the Kenilworth Cheese Factory, a maker of award-winning natural cheeses.



Gympie Regional Realty was faced with two challenges: existing legacy communications systems that were both inadequate and costly at the main office and the rentals office across the road, and expansion plans that included opening another office at Noosa and the acquisition of another complete business with its own legacy system. At the main and rentals offices, the legacy IP office system including digital handsets were made by a third-party brand and used a combination of PTSN and ISDN technology.

The acquired Kenilworth Cheese Factory facility used a legacy phone system by yet another third party brand. Old numbers were being redirected, and caller ID for outbound calls was not identified as the main number due to the outdated systems. The rentals office was connected to the main office by a jury-rigged wi-fi system that was often down. There was no integration between the two sites.


Phones Now Pty Ltd (formerly Phone Systems Brisbane), Gympie Regional Realty’s certified Panasonic unified communications reseller, took a look at their existing needs and challenges and then factored in their ambitious business expansion plans. Their proposed solution was built around feature-packed and responsive Panasonic equipment to meet both sets of needs, thus enabling Gympie Regional Realty to better serve customers and to rationalise telecommunications costs.

“The new system is supporting a better customer experience and smoother inter-office communication while cutting costs”

Graham Engerman

General Manager, Gympie Regional Realty

“Very reliable and easy to use inter office communications, we love our new Panasonic Phone System, it ticks every box and is a great business tool for our growing enterprise.”

John Cochrane

CEO, Gympie Regional Realty

To start with, the reseller installed the affordable and expandable Panasonic KS-NSX700 in the head office. Ideal for small and medium- sized businesses and perfectly suited to Gympie Regional Realty’s present and future needs, the KS-NSX700 was paired with robust Panasonic NT553 handsets featuring high-definition voice quality, 12 x 2 flexible CO buttons and an easy-to-read 3-line backlit LCD.

When the Noosa office was opened shortly after the installation at the Gympie main office, Panasonic technology facilitated the swift and seamless installation of six NT553 handsets as well as a dedicated ADSL tail for voice and data with a powerful 4G backup.

The Kenilworth site was brought on board with the installation of the Panasonic KX-TGP600 SIP cordless phone system that supports 8 DECT wireless handsets. This system facilitates both outside lines and VOIP support, while the robust handsets feature both a 1.8-inch color screen and noise reduction technology.


In just 3 short weeks Gympie Regional Realty deployed a powerful and rational Panasonic system that positively impacted their business in terms of what they could do, how they could do it, and how they could cut costs and increase profit. With the introduction of the Panasonic solution several problem areas were addressed and rectified. For example, all ISDN and PSTN technology was replaced with SIP, and their advertised telephone number is displayed on all calls. Moreover, IP handsets replaced digital handsets for ease of support, maintenance and expansion. Instead of relying on costly dedicated tails, the sales and rental offices now have excellent communication 24/7 thanks to the combination of KS-NSX700 and the NT553 handsets supported by VPN and a faster VLAN.