In part one I examined mobility as just one component of UC and how the business community profited, showcasing that Unified Communications is a vital tool in any modern business no matter the size. In part two I’ll be discussing the Zultys phone system and how UC can effectively re-harvest existing technology assets in your business.

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Readymade solutions

We’ve just skated across the surface with these few examples. The Zultys VoIP phone system is a robust and comprehensive Unified Communications Solution in one neat and tidy box. You’ll enjoy the traditional time honoured telephone features in an impressive rich collaborative landscape. Don’t get lost in a mind-boggling feature set, simply focus on where you’d like improvements in your business. Note down some key points to discuss with a telco expert so you can see where the right phone system will take your business.

Here are just some of the things available to you with Unified Communications.

  • Instant MessagingUnified Communications
  • Real time presence information
  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Complex call control
  • Speech recognition
  • Unified messaging
  • Voice mail
  • Email Integration
  • Desktop Fax Integration
  • Mobility
  • Remote Workers
  • Multi-Site organisations
  • 3rd Party Software Integration

Value Add
Add value and re-harvest a vintage investment Unified communications positions business owners to increase the efficiency of their business processes. Integration can yield a 2nd harvest on previously spent business investments. Information that can be received in various forms can now be responded to with more immediacy than information passed through only one form. Several communication methods with more than one person, communications while traveling or working remotely. Additionally, the easy archiving and searching of all types of messages are just some of the ways that efficiency and productivity improvements can be realised with unified communications. A perfect example is adding unified communications software to computers and smartphones in your business. Unlike most telecom sales folks today, a trusted advisor willingly offers you ways to improve your business processes. Phone Systems Brisbane has an envious track record of providing outstanding value with Zultys VoIP phone systems. Their brilliant business building ideas will astound you.

Zultys MobilityThe unfair advantage – Maximum productivity no matter where workers are. When workers are able to use their time efficiently, they are able to maximise their productivity. This enhances the business owners’ bottom line.  Being able to communicate easily in numerous forms is the goal. Nowadays the demands on faster communications serve to strengthen the compelling argument for unified communications. Delays in our instant world are generally not tolerated by consumers and business alike. Just as micro businesses (5 to 15 staff) using the Zultys Unified Communications phone system enjoy significant growth factors in customer satisfaction and staff morale. Which are two vital elements for continual business growth and a stronger bottom line? In part 3 we’ll be exhibiting web conferencing and collaboration. This is where you’ll see the tremendous financial advantages of a truly unified and collaborative phone system.