Here’s The 5 Best Reasons to Call Us

Here’s The 5 Best Reasons To Call Us

Before You Buy Your Next Phone System

But first a WARNING for you! I am continually amazed at me what devious telco’s will do to you and your business. Most notable is that most phone system offers are disguised as long term usage contracts complete with promises of excellent service and support. The truth is that these actually lock the customer into something that will be outdated before the ink has dried on the contract.

After 35 years in the Telecommunications industry, I know how to save the heartache that such one-sided deals cause. So here are the five best reasons to call me before you buy a new phone system…


Reason 1: A Phone System matched to your business needsBusiness needs 2
If you’re like most buyers today you will turn to the internet before you engage with a sales person. We love that. Working with an informed buyer (or a buyer who wants to be informed) is a great pleasure. We’ll help add to your research so you are fully informed of your options.

Once you have fully explored and described your needs, it’s over to us to prepare a “Plain English” recommendation for you.






Reason 2: We don’t muddy the waters with discounted call ratesconfusion
I’m sure that you’d agree that while saving money is important, this shouldn’t be at the expense of vital business processes. Here’s what other Telco’s will say to you… “Look at our fantastic call rates, we’ll give you free this, free that… it’s simple just sign this long term contract.” The spiel continues, bundle this, bundle that, discount this and bla bla bla… and in your mind it all becomes too confusing.

The truth is that attractive rates today can become something that you are regretfully locked into in years to come.

What we’ll help you do it to decide on the best phone system for your business first. Then we will help you into the best call plans for your individual situation. You’ll thank us for it over the years to come.








Reason 3: Technology will be an asset for your business, not a problemKX-UT136B Angle
No doubt you are looking for a new phone system so as to meet a business need. That’s exactly what we will work with you on. You’ll be happy to know that we’ll save the slick spiel and glossy brochures and just focus on getting you exactly what you want and need.







testimonial-tickIt’s highly likely that you will be passing comments just like many of our happy customers are right now…

“Greg’s collaborative nature helped me with an excellent IT company contact specialising in Medical Practices. I’m very impressed with Greg’s recommendation and comfortable to see they work well together. This gave me confidence knowing that true professionals were sorting out my Telephones and IT systems.”
Alyson Pevreal. CEO Medical @ My Centre Nerang

“Four things stood out to me the most…
1. Greg listened
2. he provided tremendous savings
3. he delivered on time and on budget
4. he gave us great backup and support”
David Young, CEO. Australian Recruiting Group.






Reason 4: You and your business are backed by our 9 Step Quality Assurance Program
One thing that is very clear is that technology is changing at a heck of a rate – it gets faster every year. You can rely on us to make sure that we including technology changes and ability to upgrade, extend or vary your system into account. 

Having said that, we work with cutting edge of technology. Seamless integration of this technology into your business is our primary aim. As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you. We will work hand in hand with you to support your growth.




Here is our 9 Step Quality Assurance Program that you can depend on…

1. Thorough investigation and understanding of your business communication needs and challenges
2. Site Inspection to be sure all bases are covered
3. Detailed service qualification so we are sure we can deliver promises
4. Well matched phone system proposal easy to read in plain English
5. Provide you time and space to consider your options
6. Illustrate where you can save money
7. Sit down with you to answer all questions so you can be sure of the right decision.
8. Project manage installation and training.
9. Follow up to make sure we’ve hit the mark in all areas.

Phones Now Pty Ltd (formerly Phone Systems Brisbane)

Phones Now Pty Ltd (formerly Phone Systems Brisbane)


Reason 5: VoIP Guarantee
VoIP is becoming big news in telephony now. I’m happy to tell you that our customer report clear, crisp lines and uninterrupted service. You can expect that from us too. In fact we’ll guarantee it…
You see I’m not just confident that I provide quality products, processes and professional conduct rarely seen in this industry, I guarantee it!
If in the unlikely event I fail to deliver on this promise,


Call the Phones Now Pty Ltd (previously Phone Systems Brisbane) team today on 1300 851 411.

Remember… excellence comes standard!