Multi Office Phone Systems

You only need one phone system for all of your sites

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Multi Office Phone Systems Offer Tremendous Benefit

Multi-office businesses have more complex needs. Intelligent multi office phone systems can add tremendous efficiencies and increase profitability to a multi-office businesses.

Multi office phone systems facilitate call routing at the click of a button. This helps to smooth out peak call periods in one office. Remote offices can often be unmanned, the central office can handle the calls.

Caller ID can be an issue for multi-office businesses. Often the number of the remote office is shown as the caller ID. When that number is called back the remote office could be unmanned. Smart cloud solutions allow just one central number to be shown to the outside world (never miss a call again!).

Plus, many more benefits unique to a multi-office business.

Maybe You Are a Multi-office Business?


Working from home (wfh) is now more popular than ever, thanks to COVID. If you have 10 people working from home, for telephony purposes, you are an 11-site business and could benefit greatly from a multi site phone system.

Multiple sites add another dimension of complexity. If you want clear crisp calls and no down time, you need to be working with telephony experts.

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Caller ID is SUPER Important for Multi-office Businesses

It is important that only your central number shows to the outside world, no matter who in your business calls out. Otherwise, when missed calls are returned by customers, the customer will be calling individual extensions in the business. These extensions may be unattended or engaged. Either way this is a sub optimal experience for the customer. On the other hand, if the central number is used as caller ID, then all returned calls will be handled professionally by your incoming call staff. (We often find businesses who have been missing precious calls for this exact reason)

Correct handling of caller ID becomes even more important for staff working from home. The privacy and professionalism reasons are obvious in this case.

“The new on-premise system has saved us three thousand dollars per month. When you add it up over a year, it’s a no brainer.”

David Arndell, Director All Class Kubota.