NBN & Alarm Systems

Will my Alarm System work?

Probably not reliably. Security systems often use a traditional telephone line to monitor by sending a small amount of data what is effectively an old dialup modem (remember those?) and sending it over a telephone line.

The big change when moving across to the NBN is that there are no real telephone lines, they are just imitatedusing VoIP which isn’t perfect for Alarm Systems. When these same sound signals are carried by the VoIP, there is the occasional loss of data leading to small gaps in the sound.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the sad story of a security system failing to report a break and enter because the line was not connected or working correctly.

A noisy alarm system without a telephone line to report is near useless. Don’t get caught out here.

Just like EFTPOS terminals Alarm systems have several different methods of reporting and not all security companies offer all services. You may need to replace your alarm system and or switch monitoring companies. You see the NBN has limitations to provide the good old-fashioned telephone line for the necessary security system to be of any real use.

The repercussions of assuming everything will be OK for the security system could be catastrophic.

We’ve covered just 2 very simple areas, which are commonly overlooked when it comes to the NBN transition. Read more about the plethora of others.