Will my EFTPOS Terminal work?

Probably not reliably. EFTPOS often use a traditional telephone line to to send a small amount of data what is effectively an old dialup modem (remember those?) and sending it over a telephone line.

The big change when moving across to the NBN is that there are no real telephone lines, they are just imitated using VoIP which isn’t perfect for Alarm Systems. When these same sound signals are carried by the VoIP, there is the occasional loss of data leading to small gaps in the sound.

The modern retail business relies on EFTPOS, without it sales are usually lost. Transitioning your business to the NBN will almost certainly create havoc for your EFTPOS machine.

EFTPOS Terminals communicate in one of 3 ways.

  • Telephone Line
  • IP (Internet)
  • GPRS (Mobile Data)

There’s a minefield in front of you when it comes to EFTPOS terminals using the NBN. It is crucial to carefully consider how the switchover will affect your enterprise.

You see not all banks and financial institutions support all 3 methods. There’s a plethora of avenues banks are taking when it comes to the humble EFTPOS.