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This is where we’ve witness countless sad tales of duped business owners. The sales spiel usually goes along these lines,

“Your phone system is not NBN ready which means a replacement system”
You’re thinking, surely it has to be NBN ready; I bought it from you just a few years ago and you told me then it was NBN ready.

*Unscrupulous and Inexperienced Telco companies convince the uneducated buyer of their story, usually selling them an unwanted brand new telephone system.

It boils down to some simple facts.

  • Telephones on a data network (NBN) have a different set of rules.
  • It takes many years of experience and comprehensive technical training to successfully sell, deploy and support IP Telephony (NBN Ready) systems.
  • Unprincipled Telco companies train their inexperienced sales people to sell ‘one size fits all’.
  • Any phone system purchased in the past 5 or 6 years will work on the NBN.

What is the NBN?

To understand what the NBN is, it is helpful to first understand the current, copper based, telephone network and its history. The telephone network was designed nearly a century ago to carry telephone calls.

The Internet came along in the mid 90’s using dial-up modems. The speed was very slow. ADSL came along in the early 2000’s, which was a major breakthrough because copper cables were not designed to carry high frequencies and speeds. This technology was at best a retrofit and the appetite for speed quickly realised the limitations of ADSL. The humble copper cable has modestly reached the end of its useful life, which leaves little option to supply the insatiable appetite for faster speeds. Fibre optic cables carry extremely high frequencies at incredibly high speeds;

So what does that have to do with my phone system?

The NBN carries telephone calls very differently to copper. This means for almost every small business a modification or replacement of telephone equipment.

Modification Analog to Digital

The modification is the same as the migration from analog to digital TV where using ‘set top box’ allowed you to continue using your analog Television. It meant yet another device to buy along with another remote control and lower quality.

It’s no different to phone systems. If your phone system does not natively support NBN Digital lines a type of ‘set top box’ is required.

Some of the more recent phone systems can be modified internally which is the preferred option. It is important to note that this modification in some telephone systems can be difficult an expensive, however it is well worth checking with your supplier. Here’s where slippery unscrupulous sales people typically sell you an unnecessary ‘set top box’ for your NBN ready phone system.

Why would you convert a digital to analog when a simple internal modification would do the trick? We see it daily and continue to wonder too.

The Steps to change over to NBN Telephone Lines

This area is complex and most sensitive to errors. It is crucial to get it right as the ramifications can be severe. Read more…


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