NBN 5 Top Questions


When the nbn comes to your area you are usually bombarded with endless questions about connection your phone syste,
You may have received a letter from your existing Telco, telling you you need to change over to the NBN Immediately or you will lose your number, additionally you’ll be advised you need to change your phone system. Don’t be fooled this is not true.


Big 4 or Boutique?

Australia’s big 4 telcos (Telstra, Optus, TPG and Vocus) have a massive grip on the wallets of Australian business owners. The nbn™ revolution has unimaginable benefits to Australian business owners and comes with a brand-new set of rules.

You see the nbn™ is a wholesale enterprise and independently owned offering their network to nbn™ service providers.

This model has been responsible for the creation of small “Boutique niche” nbn™ Transition specialist’s Telcos. Oh! And you’ll deal with local passionate Australian’s eager to help you.

No Overseas Call Centres with Boutique Telco’s

You see, sound Technical knowledge and good old fashion “feet on the street experience” are essential elements necessary to successfully guide business owners through the quagmire of pitfalls and traps transitioning from old to new.

The Big 4 lacks both vital ingredients which usually leads to a sour customer experience.

No! your number will remain active for 12 -1 8 months while the nbn is being built in your area. You will be notified when your site is declared Ready for Service (RFS). This is the date that you have 18 months to connect to the nbn before being cut off.

Can My IT Company Provide Phone Systems?

From our considerable experience the best results come from IP Telephony experts with extensive IT networking experience, collaborating with your trusted IT company so you can get the best of both worlds right the first time.

The cloud phenomenon has eroded IT sector revenue. Their focus has changed to IP telephony to recover lost market share.

  • IP Telephone Systems, Desktops, Software, Routers, and servers all share the same network and cabling.
  •  Inexperienced phone system vendors, large telco’s and especially IT companies struggle in this arena.
  • IP phones use Ethernet cables just like your computer, because of this many IT companies will have you believe they are now phone experts.

Don’t Fooled this is not true

 IT and IP Telephony have a different set of rules. It is crucial to understand the first most important basic rule.

Let me explain… You see a data network is like our streets, roads, and highways. When traffic is, heavy everything slows. Data can run slow, often without any affect; however, voice must have exclusive access to its own free flowing traffic lane to ensure business grade call quality.

We’ve often been called into rescue failed IP telephony installations. It takes years of hands-on experience to successfully deploy IP Telephone systems.

Before the nbn™ was first proposed by the government, we were successfully connecting small businesses to SIP trunks on IP phone systems. Our early adoption back in 2010 means we have a strong proven record of accomplishment in IP telephony.

You have 18 months after your site is declared Ready for NBN service before you have any chance of losing your phone numbers. Of course you shouldn’t leave it till the last minute either, but there is plenty of time to plan and implement an NBN transition in an orderly fashion.

Am I protected by industry licencing and regulators?

The Telco sector is one of the most regulated industries in Australia. Make no mistake, all telephone equipment installation technicians must hold a current Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) licence. IT technicians have escaped the regulators strict licencing rules and regulations because their work was largely internal, not touching the public Telecommunications network. This means when IT companies install telephone systems without ACMA licences they are breaching the law and exposing the unwary buyers to unnecessary risk.

Don’t Risk Using Unlicensed Technicians

If your head is spinning and your heart has missed a beat we’re not surprised – it is a very complicated process and there are many pitfalls and opportunities for things to go wrong.

The past 10 years we’ve been deploying NBN Digital lines in areas without the NBN. We’ve learnt the lessons and know the process very well. In fact we’re experts at it. We excel at coordinating with your suppliers such that everything is done right the first time.

We’ll audit your office, prepare a project plan, engage with your existing suppliers and implement the transition process – keeping you informed every step of the way! If you would like to find out more and let us provide you with a free scope of work, please contact our nbn experts on 1300 58 4000 or info@phonesystemsbrisbane.net.au/development

Can we upgrade our existing Phone System to work on the nbn?

Don’t believe anyone who tells you your phone system is not nbn™ compatible. Don’t be fooled this NOT true. Some telephone systems require substantial modification to work on the nbn™.

An investment on an aging telephone system may not be the best option.

You see there are devices available to convert the nbn™ technology back to the old copper type technology so that older telephone systems will continue to work. These are very much like the Digital set top boxes used for Digital TV conversion to work on Analog Televisions.

These devices are band aids at best and come with inherent risks of poor integration along with another menacing failure point. Can you really afford to be without vital communications?

We strongly recommend you consider a replacement phone system that will “natively” Connect SIP trunks. In 92% of cases we find sufficient savings to fully fund an upgrade solution.

Factory Certified Phone System Vendors or IT Companies selling generic brands?

Telephone System manufacturers and distributers certify their dealers to protect credible business owners from unscrupulous would be phone system vendors. Hosted phone system vendors are touting the magic low cost fix all solution using a would-be phone system with mix and match hardware. In short, they are trying to be something they are not.

IT vendors sell and support IT equipment, NOT telephony equipment. Additionally, IT technicians are NOT trained in telephony.

Would you put your vital business communications in the hands of an amateur?

IT vendors can ONLY offer a generic flavour “product of the month” usually attached with 3rd party products. The business owner is left with a jumbled array of manufacturers and no direct line of support when things go wrong.

We’ve also found most IT vendors stretch the truth when it comes to their ability to successfully deploy reliable IP telephone systems.

Beware of Vendors Selling Generic Brands

Here is a quick snap shot to illustrate the important differences between IT professionals and IP telephony experts.

Domain of an IT Professional: Software, Computers, Servers, Security, Anti-Virus, Data backup, Email issues, computer help desk windows support.

Products: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, Netgear, D Link, …

Products available from ANY technology vendor

Regulations & Industry Licencing: None known. If your IT company is offering you a phone system Be sure you see their ACMA licence before you sign on the dotted line


Domain of an IP Telephony Expert: Building and Installing IP Networks and IP Telephone Systems.

Products: Panasonic, Samsung, NEC, Avaya, Alcatel, Commander, Cisco, DrayTek …

Specialised products ONLY available from factory certified telephone system distributers.

Regulations & Industry Licencing:

Must hold current Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA)licence to work on telecommunications equipment and cabling. This means small business owners are protected from unscrupulous operators.

Must hold factory certified credentials to install and support, this means you have expert IP Telephone technicians looking after your vital business communications.