NSX 1000/ 2000

Smart companies the world over are taking a closer look at the advantages of their workforce using a myriad of devices to stay connected. The employment landscape has changed, smart enterprising companies are taking full advantage of the communication offerings from Panasonic.

No longer are workers tied to their desk and or mobile phone. We’ve witnessed a paradigm shift in corporate thinking where the smart end of town is engaging in smart technology to stay abreast of the contenders. The global push towards efficiency, carbon foot prints and worker satisfaction has created a strong interest in practical and flexible unified communications. The financial advantages of remote workers are showing significant strength in the multi site corporate sectors and agile companies looking to take full advantage of global markets.

Workers today demand flexibility and reliable smart technology in their work environment, in return their productivity has shown a strong incline which is pleasing the corporate executives. Introducing the Panasonic NSX series phone systems.

Once again Panasonic has delivered a scalable, flexible and very smart phone system suited to the growing smart entrepreneurial companies looking for an advantage over their competitors. The corporate race today is like a Grand Prix, milliseconds count and those who are not ahead of their game it usually means a distant 2nd place.Panasonic NSX series introduces a very flexible, smart, multi device telephone system where users can allocate their Direct phone number to an array of devices all ringing simultaneously as a single office extension. In short, one number across multiple locations and devices. That spells “Efficiency”.

Enter the roaming worker, the NSX series allows various individual staff to use the various stations in an office. It also allows users to set profiles and rules for “serviced-in & services-out” s that calls are directed differently to one of their multiple devices when “serviced-out”.

I have many offices, what can Panasonic do for my enterprises? The KX-NSX1000/2000 has been designed to deploy into a highly scalable environment. The up-to 2000 supported users can spread across up to 32 various locations. The alternate locations could be utilising NS700’s or NS1000 units and be consolidated to the head office system so that all internal calls, IM, UM and Ldap Directory integrations become seamless.

Panasonic engineers have not forgotten contact centres in their aim to dominate the IP PBX arena. Automatic Voice Guidance give your customer choices and keep them informed. In Queue voice guidance gives your customer options to decide to keep waiting with queue times advised, options to leave a message or simply hang up for call-back. Your customers will appreciate the communication! This improves overall customer satisfaction with your organisation.

Monitor Calls and Reports have built in call centre monitoring and historical call reporting. Monitoring allows for listen, coach, whisper and joining of the call and reportable data can be saved to an external server and exported to build a greater understanding of your business over time. Need more comprehensive call reporting? call the team to discuss.

Call Recording is built in. You can choose to automatically record all calls for every extension or just a group of extensions and then store these on an external server for later review. Call recordings are the greatest tool for coaching and development of your teams.