Panasonic Logo The Australian market first witnessed the Panasonic KX-NS1000 in June 2012. The engineers at Panasonic have certainly not disappointed buyers of phone systems in Brisbane. Extending on the success of the NCP series the new NS1000 enjoys open standard SIP compliance. Effectively resulting in financial advantages for phone system buyers with lower purchase costs and leveraging the power of SIP trunking to further drive down communication costs.

The IP platform delivers excellent integration into 3rd party software applications where phone system buyers can yield a 2nd harvest off a previous business investment. This means business owners can have smooth integration with the humble phone system and their contact management system like Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics or Goldmine to name a few. The leverage business owners gain lies in dramatic improvements in business processes along which in turn results in strong financial gains from Unified Communications.


Panasonic NS1000 IP telephone System

Multi site enterprises will enjoy the ease and flexibility of seamlessly networking 16 separate sites with ease via their corporate computer network. Data will happily play in the same sand pit as voice so business owners can gain further leverage from their wide area network (WAN). Panasonic’s software package “Communications Assistant” provides a feature rich interface so users can enjoy real time presence across the enterprise and tight integration with Outlook for fast contact look up and dial. The insatiable appetite for smart phones and tablets has not been overlooked by the Panasonic engineers. Mobility is a strong key feature in the NS1000, so remote or mobile workers can easily stay in touch with their office and customers.

Phone system buyers have so much more in one simple elegant box. Never before has Panasonic packed so much into one economical unit. Voice mail to email and inbuilt fax coupled with call centre functions are just some of the time honoured functions Panasonic make so easy.

Don’t pay the telco’s for their conference calls, you can quickly set up an 8 party conference and enjoy the substantial savings that come with using the brilliant Panasonic conferencing ability. You can have up to 4 conferences going with 8 people in each, all built in at no additional costs.