Panasonic NS700 IP PBX Review

Panasonic joined the true IP Phone System arena back in 2007 with the release of the much awaited KX-TDE200. The TDE 200 series was a hybrid mix of IP and legacy technology. This heritage has placed Panasonic at the fore front of IP Communications.The later release of the NS1000 as a pure IP switch gained significant market share from contestants like Cisco, Avaya and ShoreTel.

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Not resting on their laurels, Panasonic engineers forged ahead with the development of a market leading Hybrid Solution. The hybrid Panasonic NS700 was born, satisfying huge market demand for hybrid converging communications solutions. Developed from a clean sheet of paper, not without the brilliant telephone system features we’ve come to know and love from Panasonic Telephone Systems. Panasonic engineers have certainly not disappointed phone system buyers, with their continuous enhancements and development reining world # 1 for sales of telephones systems with 100 extensions or less.

NS1000 and NS700, two brilliant phone systems sharing the long heritage of 2 decades of manufacturing excellence. October 2014 saw Version 4 released in Australia extending on the success of previous versions the NS1000 and NS700 enjoy a plethora of new features including open standard SIP compliance. Effectively resulting in financial advantages for phone system buyers with lower purchase costs and leveraging the power of SIP Trunking to further drive down communication costs.

Panasonic hybrid technology, so you can re-harvest previous investments.

Panasonic Phone Systems, NS700, Buy a phone system, Phone Systems Brisbane, NBN Ready Phone System, SIP Trunks, The Panasonic IP platform delivers excellent integration into 3rd party software applications where phone system buyers can yield a 2nd harvest off a previous business investment. This means business owners can have smooth integration with the humble phone system and their CRM system like Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics or Goldmine to name a few. The leverage business owners gain lies in dramatic improvements in business processes along which in turn results in strong financial gains from Unified Communications.

The emerging NBN Broadband network in Australia is a game changer. Communications as they are known will change forever. This means VoIP will be the only way we’ll communicate and the good news is you win with massive financial benefits and amazing telephone system features of the NS1000 and NS700 once thought impossible.

Panasonic VoIP technology will give you a more flexible result at a fraction of the price.

Panasonic Phone Systems, NS700, Buy a phone system, Phone Systems Brisbane, NBN Ready Phone System, SIP Trunks, Multi office companies will enjoy the ease and flexibility of seamlessly meshing offices with ease via their corporate data network. Voice will happily play in the same sand pit as data so business owners can gain further leverage from their wide area network (WAN). Panasonic’s 3rd party software package “Go Connect” provides a feature rich interface so users can enjoy real time presence across the enterprise and tight integration with a huge range of CRM packages for fast contact look up and dial. The insatiable appetite for smartphone and tablet technology has not been overlooked by the Panasonic engineers. Smartphone integration is a strong key feature in the NS1000 & NS700 phone systems. Remote workers can easily stay in touch with their office and customers with plug and play IP handsets.

Contact Centres will cherish the standard offerings like queue announcement, automatic call recording, brilliant activity reports and much more. Teleworkers are not forgotten, Panasonic engineers have featured secure easy remote connections to the NS1000 & NS700 Phone Systems which means thousands of people can access flexible employment.

Phone system buyers have never before had so much in one simple elegant economical unit. Voice mail to email and inbuilt fax coupled with call centre functions are just some of the time honored functions Panasonic make so easy.

Don’t pay the telco’s for their conference calls, you can quickly set up an 10 x 32 party conferences and enjoy the substantial savings that come with using the brilliant Panasonic conferencing ability. You can have up to 10 conferences going with 32 people in each, all built in at no additional costs.