Be Careful. They Will Lie to You!

I usually refuse to be the bearer of bad news. Instead, I prefer to look to the future and busy myself pursuing positive outcomes and excellence.

But I can’t stay silent any longer.

Let me explain…

A gentleman I was talking to the other day has just moved away from his Panasonic phone system to a new ‘cloud phone system’. The salesperson had told him that his Panasonic system couldn’t transfer calls off-site. This is not true! It’s a blatant lie told by the salesperson to help him win his commission cheque!

There were a few more little gripes that this gentleman had with his phone system. Again, the cunning salesperson told him that he couldn’t do the things he wanted with his phone system. All lies.

I’ve worked with Panasonic phones for over 20 years. Every sticking point that this gentleman had could be put down to an incorrect configuration of the phone system. If the salesperson hadn’t lied, this man would have had his phone system operating exactly as he wanted. And all for just a few hundred dollars in Tech time!

Instead, he is now signed up for thousands of dollars for a system that will do less.

Please be very wary

Telephone salespeople are approaching small businesses in Brisbane right now. They are saying anything that they need to secure the sale. Don’t fall for it!

If you have a Panasonic phone system (NS1000, NS 700 and NSX in particular), there is no need for you to change. The system can be easily configured and expanded to do everything you want and more.

Give our Service Manager, Moreno, a call on 1300 58 400, and we’ll help you out.

Here’s another case study about a customer who was initially told that they needed a new phone system. That was untrue. We ended up helping them to achieve their desired outcome using their existing equipment.