Panasonic TDA 200 & 30

The Panasonic TDA200 released 2003 is the first significant change for Panasonic from their original TD series telephone systems release 9 years earlier. The Panasonic TDA30 and TDA200 supported Panasonic proprietary DECT cordless handsets in lieu of the very unreliable PHS or portable handset.

When released the TDA200 is the largest of the TDA series hybrid telephone systems from Panasonic supporting 128 ports whereas the TDE200 supports 256, NCP500 64 and NCP1000 supporting 108 ports. The older hybrid telephone systems support IP with the addition of IP cards and processors. Later Panasonic added, SIP, Digital and Analog handsets to the TDA200 and TDA30. Although these telephone systems are now quite aged when comparing them to the IP-PBX products available today, they perform very well in their niche markets. Digital is a well-established and very reliable technology and Panasonic’s TDA200 and TDA30 hold their ground well in many areas like Hospitality, Medical and Health Services, Administration, Sales, Retail, Legal, Accounting, Logistics, Hospitality and Education.

The TDA200 and TDA30 do allow flexibility with connection SIP handsets and SIP telephone lines, however they are really designed as a digital telephone system that will allow IP and SIP connectivity. They are best left as a digital telephone system.

Panasonic’s early mobility solution and GSM integration began with the TDA30 and TDA200 “twinning desk phones with GSM mobiles” providing basic mobility. Once twinning calls were connected, users could easily transfer calls back to office making the solution quite flexible.

We don’t know of any other manufacturer that will support a 10 year old digital handset on the latest technology, yes that’s right a crusty old digital handset will still work just as effectively on the new TDA200 as it did the day it was deployed on a now ancient TD or perhaps older TDA100 system. That’s the ultimate in re-harvesting your investment many times over.

The Panasonic TDA200 has a solution for all industries and is a solid workhorse that will reliably perform for many years. Panasonic has continued to develop software versions enhancing the features to be similar to its IP cousins the TDE200, NCP500 and NCP1000. Panasonic is committed to owners or potential buyers of the TD200 and TDA30 will be continually developed so your investment is protected.