Panasonic Service

Panasonic Service


Panasonic phone systems are legendary for their reliability and longevity. They very rarely fail. You may however need your system reprogramed, extended or moved. That’s where we can help you.

We’ve been dealing with Panasonic phone systems for over 21 years. Our team is highly skilled in Panasonic. In fact, our Technicians have the highest technical credentials available for the Panasonic phone system. These credentials are complimented by many years of practical feet-on-the-street experience with small businesses and their needs. Call Service Manager, Moreno on 1300 58 4000.

If you have one of the Panasonic phone systems pictured to the right, then our technical team can help you with:

  • Moving your phone system to new premises
  • Adding a second site to your current system
  • Enabling your staff to use their work phone at home (very cool)
  • Adding more extensions to your phone system
  • Cordless handsets
  • Uploading voice messages and messages on hold
  • Reprograming your system to better suit your work flow
  • Fixing call dropouts and voice quality problems

The End of an Era

Despite their enviable reputation, Panasonic will stop manufacturing phone systems by 2024. Parts will still be available for some years after this. There are thousands of Panasonic systems in the market. These will happily keep working for many years to come.

If you need support for your Panasonic phone system on any issue, call the team who knows Panasonic the best. Call 1300 58 4000.