How to Log onto the Panasonic Web Maintenance Console

NS700 Console Login IP AddressOpen a Browser

Enter the IP Address into the area you would normally use to enter a Web Site address

Your Telephone System IP Address will look like this (Not always this Address, speak with us to be sure)

Press Enter

Log In Screen

NS700 Console Login Screen

This is your Log in Screen

Enter your personal Username and Password

Do not share these details with anyone!

How to Change Names and Button Programing

Click on PBX Configuration

  NS700 Console PBX Configuration

Click on Flexible Button

NS700 Console PBX Flexible Button

Click on Drop down list to select User Extension you wish to change

NS700 Console PBX Flexible Button Select User

DT 543 handset showing Button Numbers

DT543 Buttons

NT 553 Handset showing label, Press “Next Page” to view Buttons 13 – 24

NT553 Buttons

Illustrating Buttons 13 – 24