Don’t Buy A Phone System Before
Reading This

We’ve been hard at work toiling away in the background working on brilliant ways to help you modernise your communications for as little as $3 per user / month. Yes that’s right… lets say your business has 12 staff, your true monthly cost to upgrade to a modern VoIP communications solution is a tiny $36 / month including calls!

Results Guaranteed

 Let me explain…

We’ve spent a lifetime working on telephone systems and reviewing telephone accounts, so we know exactly what to look for to save you money and improve your business processes. The telephone usage data for our Business Grade VoIP services clearly demonstrates a staggering 47% average saving in the cost of line rental and calls compared to the old fashioned way.
Here’s how it works. Lets look at Charlie the company director; he has 18 Staff with 10 incoming telephone lines, and an average monthly bill of $643 (line rental and calls only). Charlie wants to modernise his company communications and grow his market share. Here’s what Charlie discovered. Old Phone

Old Way

10 x Telephone Lines Monthly Rental $341

 Average monthly call charges $302

 TOTAL $643



    Phones Now Pty Ltd (formerly Phone Systems Brisbane) Panasonic VoIP

10 x Crisp Clear VoIP Lines Monthly Rental $175

 Average monthly call charges with our VoIP services $222

 TOTAL $397




 Charlie saves $246 / month or 38% overall

Now let’s add a new Panasonic IP Telephone system:

  • 10 Crisp Clear VoIP Lines
  • 18 Extensions
  • Installation12 months onsite warranty
  • (Cabling excluded)
  • $299 / month over 60 months less $246 savings = $53

  Charlies true monthly costs is a tiny $2.95 / user / month or $53 / month including calls!