Phone Systems Brisbane Scoops the Pool

In March 2018 Greg Eicke, Owner of Phone Systems Brisbane, will travel to Japan to present his award-winning client case studies to a global telephony audience. Not only will Greg be in the limelight but so will four local Queensland businesses – Green RV, People In Plastic, Cabanda Care and Gympie Regional Realty.

Here’s why Greg has been invited to Japan…

Global phone systems manufacturer Panasonic asked Greg to enter into their Asia Pacific competition. Greg loves a challenge so immediately said yes!

To compete the Phone Systems Brisbane team were asked to submit a case study as an example of a phone system installation they had completed. Particular emphasis was required on evidence that the team had maximised todays available technology. Panasonic wanted to see that Greg and his team were able to make a complex situation simple and more productive for the customer.

In his normal ‘can do’ way, Phone Systems Brisbane submitted four case studies. Yes four!

Greg thought this opportunity to showcase their work on an international stage was just too good to pass up. Greg’s technical team run by the motto “excellence comes standard at Phone Systems Brisbane”. Greg, Deric and Russell, are consistently pushing the envelope on behalf of their customers. The outcomes they produce for customers are second to none!

Back to the competition and Greg’s trip to Japan…

The Phone Systems Brisbane team scooped the pool! They won all of the awards handed out for small business installations (less than 60 phones). They won 4 out of the top 10 positions given out. The other awards were for larger installations of 100+ phones (this is not their target). What that means is that not only did they scoop the pool for small business installations, every single one of their case studies is an international award winner!

Their case studies highlighted a number of things that are vitally important to the small business customer, including;

  • Impressive productivity improvements
  • Plain English explanation of technology
  • Communications and collaboration made easy
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Ongoing Support
  • And a Better bottom line

It’s easy to see why the Phone Systems Brisbane team are international winners when clients say things like this;

“The best thing to me is that the Phone Systems Brisbane crew works very hard to provide improved performance and functionality as well as costs savings wherever they can.”

Robert Moore. Partner. MSI Taylor Brisbane


“Dealing with Greg and his crew is light years away from dealing with the big Telco’s. Greg and his crew is so easy to work with and very down to earth. I also like the fact that they will give us honest advice and help us to clearly see the service and costs benefits of one option over another. That’s why we changed all of our business over to Phone Systems Brisbane, we saved money and we receive awesome service. It wasn’t a hard decision!

Michell Birchall, Practice Manager Nicholsons Solicitors


“We now have an excellent Panasonic VoIP phone system with Business Grade VoIP Lines together with very low monthly line rental and call costs. Our VoIP lines are crystal clear and we’ve experienced excellent quality calls from day one.”

Alyson Pevreal. CEO Medical @ My Centre Nerang


To gain an insight into the way that Phone Systems Brisbane team think,

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