Mark Warner from Edge Industries in Brendale in Brisbane Queensland typed into Google search “phone systems Brisbane” and is glad he found us at the top the Google search results Mark explained to me Edge Industries is a Facilities Maintenance and Electrical Contracting company specialising in maintenance and construction work and expanding into the service arena for large CBD buildings. They have a crew of 30 Electricians and 8 office staff. The current Telephone system was around 10 years old, monthly telephone usage of approximately $800 – $1000 for the office with an additional $1400 for their mobiles.

After I gathered some more vital information I left Mark with my FREE report “Here are the 9 most important Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone System” so he could understand the techno babble in layman’s terms.

Here’s the result after a few days thinking about how to provide Edge Industries with and edge in the Electrical Service industry.


Telephone Account

Reduced by a Massive 59% (without changing providers) paying for a Brand New Panasonic Telephone System with money left over. My Guarantee


Mobile Account

– Coverage was not so good with current provider and usage was not being optimised so we switched to Australia’s premium Telco for the best 3G coverage

– Bill remained the same at $1400 however the mobile fleet is now on UNLIMITED calls within Australia, so Edge Industries can rest easy knowing their Mobile bill will remain steady no matter how many calls are made.

Overall, Edge Industries now have a Brand New Panasonic Telephone System fully funded from Telco savings and a Fleet of mobiles now enjoying significantly better coverage with unlimited calls.