Phone Systems Brisbane

Relax! Your Phone System Can Work With the nbn™

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you need a new phone system for the nbn™. This is NOT true.

A simple and inexpensive addition like this can have you up and running easily.

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The nbn™ will be available in your area very soon, don’t panic just yet, you still have some time.

Whether you want to keep your current phone system or if you want a new phone system, we’ve got the good news you’ve been looking for… 



“There’s nothing wrong with my existing phone system, I want to keep it”

Good news! Remember when digital TV came in? Many people used a ‘digital set top box’ to extend the life of their old TV. You can do the same with your phone system…

  • It’s quick and hassle free
  • It’s inexpensive
  • There’s no interruptions
  • You can get on with business

Our technicians can have this installed and up and running in approx. an hour.

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“Our phone system has seen better days, we need a new one”

Even better news! You can be up and running with a phone system in no time. You can rely on our 98% success rate of seamless change over to the nbn™.

Ask us how we can reduce your phone bill to help pay for your new phone system. We do this for customers all the time.

  • 3 months FREE calls with new systems*
  • Best quality system that lasts & lasts
  • Properly certified nbn™ specialists
  • No lies and B.S. Just genuine advice.

Click here for more info. or call 07 3177 3355

Genuine Telco Help for Your Small Business

You can rely on us for genuine advice that you can depend on. Every business is different. You need specific advice to get the best telco solution for your business. No trick, no B.S., just the help you need.

Here’s our guarantee to you: If it doesn’t do what we say, we’ll fix it or replace it. No quibbles.

“We couldn’t get nbn to fix our connection, Greg’s crew quickly installed a 4G back up device, not stopping there he installed a second nbn at his own cost so we could function. That’s service!” Kieran Nolan, CEO Outdoor Power Centre.

We’d be delighted to help you navigate this change.  We’ll help you to stay on the air, productive and frustration-free. Give us a call on 07 3177 3355.