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Cloud Phone Systems Explained

Cloud phone systems are increasing in popularity. Like so many business systems, telephony is also moving to the cloud.

However, unlike other systems, cloud phone systems demand a highly specialised skill set. Data and voice have different rules to each other, yet they now share the same network. This is why IT providers without considerable telephony experience often create more problems than they solve when they install cloud phone systems.

Relax! With Phones Now, you are dealing with the IP Telephony Experts.

38 Years in The Telephony Game!

As with every other innovation in telephony over the past 38 years, experience counts. We’ve been at the forefront of new technology since phones first went digital. Same with cloud – we are the cloud telephone system experts.

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There’s Basic Cloud, Then There’s Smart Cloud

Just because a technology solution is hosted in “the cloud”, doesn’t always mean that it’s an intelligent solution.

Many of the basic cloud phone system offerings offer fall well short of meeting the needs of a modern business. They simply don’t deliver. The needs of most businesses quickly outstrip what basic cloud can do.

Smart cloud is the answer. Best of all it doesn’t have to cost more! Why pay the same for less?

“The first thing that Greg did for us was to meet with our senior team and brainstorm a solution together with us. They were very responsive, asked the right questions and worked with us to get exactly the right solutions for us. After they fully understood our needs, they were able to guide us to solutions that we hadn’t previously thought of or been exposed to. I’m a psychologist, not a phone guy. The approach that Phones Now takes is invaluable when it comes to getting the correct outcome for your individual business.”

Aaron Front, Owner of Benchmark Psychology.