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On Premise Phone Systems are Still Available

You’ll be happy to know that you can still get on premise phone systems. You are not forced to buy a cloud phone system. If you don’t have your own servers and you don’t like the idea of paying for hosting, then having your own on premise voip phone system may be the right solution for you.

Equally, if your internet connection is not business grade, then a cloud system may struggle for speed. The result will be glitchy calls with poor voice quality and regular dropouts.

The good news is that new style on-premise phone systems are just as reliable as traditional phone systems.

Before deciding on which is best for you – cloud, virtual or on-premise – talk with us about what is best for you and your individual business.

Greg has Amassed 38 Years in Telephony


As with every other innovation in telephony over the past 38 years, experience counts. We’ve been at the forefront of new technology since phones first went digital. Same with cloud – we are the cloud telephony experts.

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On Premise Phone System vs Cloud

If you are wondering about cloud based phone system vs on premise, then here are 3 reasons to opt for an on premise phone system

  1. You don’t have business grade internet. (Note: The majority of NBN is not business grade). Cloud handsets are ‘talking’ to the cloud constantly (whether you’re on a call or not). This chews up bandwidth. If your premise doesn’t have business grade internet, then an on-premise solution could be best as it only uses bandwidth when calls are made.
  2. You want to have your own hardware on site. This is a personal preference, but some people do like to have their own hardware onsite.
  3. You prefer to own (or finance). In the long-term, owning can save you money. However, you’ll need to factor in the cost of maintenance, service and upgrades throughout the life of the hardware.

“Thanks to Phone Systems Brisbane, our new on-premise Phone System has sent sales up and costs down.”

Carl Green, CEO, Green RV.