“We’re passionate about service.”
The Phones Now Team.

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We’ve always been passionate about service. We promise a 2-hour response time. Not only do we meet that, in most cases we have completely resolved the problem in less than two hours.

We respond in this ‘priority’ way because it is very hard for you to do business when your phones aren’t working. We’re dedicated to getting you back up and running fast!

Think for a minute …how long do you wait for service from your IT company? Now, what if you had to wait that long to get your phones back online? Costly isn’t it!

“When we have a customer whose phones are down, we know how much that will affect them. That’s why we drop everything to get them back up and running as soon as we possibly can.” Greg Eicke, Owner, Phones Now.

Cloud Service Providers are Notorious for Poor Service and Advice

That’s a harsh statement, but it’s true. You need top-level of support that is highly responsive. If your phones stop working, your business stops. Don’t be fooled by statements such as “it’s in the cloud, once it’s set-up it just works”.

From experience, we know that you’ll need support for your cloud phone system. That’s why we include fixed cost, unlimited support in our packages. Best of all it won’t cost you any more.


5 Reasons Why You Will Need Support for Your Cloud Phone SystemSmart Cloud

  1. Your telephones now share the same network as your computers. Things will (and do) go wrong.
  2. IP telephony is far more complex than the traditional phone systems with isolated copper lines.


“We couldn’t get nbn to fix our connection, Greg’s crew quickly installed a 4G back up device, not stopping there he installed a second nbn at his own cost so we could function. That’s service!”

Kieran Nolan, CEO, Outdoor Power Centre