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Understanding Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual phone systems and cloud phone systems are essentially the same thing. The difference is that a ‘virtual’ phone system is hosted on your own servers. Whereas a cloud phone system is hosted on someone else’s servers, usually your providers servers.

If you’ve already moved to virtualise your business with your own servers (in-house or data centre), you’re one step ahead. Having your own server allows you to save on up-front costs of installing a new cloud phone system.

Our expert telephony technicians have a track record of working seamlessly with internal or contracted IT professionals. This helps things to run smoothly the first time.

Four Decades of Telephony Experience

As with every other innovation in telephony over the past 38 years, experience counts. We’ve been at the forefront of new technology since phones first went digital. Same with cloud – we are the cloud telephony experts.

WARNING: Just because it’s in the ‘cloud’ doesn’t mean that virtual phone systems offer the telephony features that you have come to rely on. Some virtual phone system offerings can be very basic. In addition, the technical people advising you often come from an IT background, not a telephony background. Make sure you are speaking to a professional who has a solid telephony background. This will ensure that you have the telecommunication features that you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently. There is nothing worse than a phone system that can’t do what you want. Be warned!

For seamless and hassle-free migration to a virtual phone system that is fully featured, call our expert team today on 1300 58 4000.

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