Ethernet Over Copper Services

Unlimited Data & FREE Installation

10/10 Mbps $359 / month

20/20 Mbps $549 / month

Cloud computing and hosting vital services in ultra safe modern and fail safe data centres makes so much sense, which is why the business community is transferring computing and telephone systems into the cloud in droves. No more massive hardware costs, your data is safe and you only pay for what you need monthly.

Even the smallest micro business can access amazingly powerful servers, software and Hosted Telephone systems demolishing the massive budget advantages of their larger contenders. This is all great I hear you say, the cost of symmetrical data is prohibitively expensive which means we are back to square one again waiting for the NBN to roll into town.

We can’t wait for the NBN either, that’s why we’ve released a super dooper specials especially designed for Cloud and Hosted applications.

We can’t believe the price we’re selling these for.


What Does Symetrical Mean?

Symmetrical (10/10 Mbps) access technology have the same upload and download speeds (as opposed to ADSL which is Asymmetrical), specifically designed for businesses that require a cloud based access technology. You see cloud based computing and hosted applications need high speed upstreams so you can send information into the cloud fast just like you would when sending information to your server in the back room. ADSL has much lower upstream speeds (20 Mbps/ 1 Mbps) which means for an office with 5 or more users would tend to experience poor performance which wastes valuable time and frustrates users.


Bandwidth Speedo

  Why do we need more Bandwidth? Over the last few years the Internet has been experiencing a tremendous growth and enabling a new generation of businesses.The emergence of new Internet applications are stimulating the demand for more bandwidth and high speed CloudInternet connectivity for businesses . Companies are increasingly using cloud-based business applications like online CRM tools, use of these services requires a secure reliable and synchronous high-speed connection is critical. Mid-Band Ethernet provides the ideal access for many of these cloud based services. Some of the recent trends that contribute to requirements for more Internet access speed and bandwidth include:

  • Growth of IP based media and communication (e.g. VoIP, IPTV, Radio, news)
  • Support for triple play and integration of services (voice, data and video)
  • Further development in e-commerce services, when linked with transaction services from banks, spurs the deployment of electronic trading
  •  Take up and application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to business processes and service delivery
  •  Growth of social networking (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) business sectors in Australia are beginning to recognise the potential of social networking for marketing and business networking purposes. At June 2010, around 10% of small and medium enterprise use social network channels for advertising and awareness campaign.

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