Success Stories

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We have enjoyed a stable working relationship with Phone Systems Brisbane for nearly three years now.  Greg and Carissa are excellent to work with. Most questions are handled within a few hours and most queries are handled within 24 hours.

Dealing with Phone Systems Brisbane is light years away from dealing with the big Telco’s. They is so easy to work with and very down to earth.  We like the fact that they will give us honest advice and help us to clearly see the service and costs benefits of one option over another. That’s why we changed all of our land lines over to their sister telco company ‘T Gen’.  

To give you an example of how they go the extra mile… we had our new fleet of mobiles arrive. The Phone Systems Brisbane team had taken the trouble to write up exact “plain English” step by step instructions on how to get the new phones and sims up and running. Any issues that we had after that were dealt with by the Phone Systems Brisbane very quickly and the transition went very smoothly.

If you want practical advice from people you can trust and who still understand good old fashioned service, then just ring Phone Systems Brisbane!

Michelle Birchall. Practice Manager

NICHOLSON’S Solicitors. Brisbane



I’ve known Greg Eicke for a long time now and have always found him and his team to be professional, courteous and excellent at solving problems. They are quick and thorough in everything they do.

In our business we make thousands of outgoing calls every week.  Greg suggested installing SIM diallers  so we could access tremendous savings, in fact Greg reduced our Telstra account by 200% This was a revolutionary solution for us and one that we would never have come across if it wasn’t for Greg’s expert approach to problem solving.

Greg regularly reviews our telco costs making sure we have the best available options. He usually comes up with something to save us a dollar. Recently Greg recommended changing our 1800 number to  T Gen as it would halve our cost. It was a no brainer and as usual Greg has followed up to ensure the thousands in predicted savings eventuated.

We have a contract maintenance agreement with Phone Systems Brisbane which covers absolutely everything – questions, reprogramming of phones, issues, problems… the lot!

We wouldn’t change from Greg and Phone Systems Brisbane. They offer clever, good quality solutions. They provide honest information on what really works towards a better bottom line result. Greg has always looked after us with dependable advice, quality equipment and reasonable costs. Put simply, they have proven time and again to provide us with good, solid and honest service.

Andrew Frazer
CEO. Pisces Enterprises






A Story on Choosing The Right Vendor

Last week a good friend of mine referred me to one of his long term clients. Stefan was chatting with Kevin from Special Projects Marketing about some potential ideas for cloud computing and off site backup. You see Kevin and Stefan go back a long way, so the discussion and recommendation was quickly agreed to proceed, then Kevin remarked with a unenthusiastic timbre in his voice said “now we’ve got that sorted I’ve got to finish reviewing my telephone accounts, it’s so convoluted”.

Stefan could sense Kevin’s frustrations were getting the better of him so he said “you need to speak with Greg the Telephone Guy”. Kevin mentioned he was talking with Telstra (or so he thought) and they wanted him to sign a 5 year deal with a minimum spend in return for a purported pool of cash to buy new mobiles, implying the cash was a gift. Kevin’s been in business a long time and was suspicious of the deal, he knows “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. Sceptical of the initial offer coupled with Stefan’s highest recommendation, he decided that it would be wise to look at a 2nd opinion and do his due diligence. What’s more the offer didn’t offer any costs savings.

After presenting me with his telco accounts, Kevin explained he wanted two new smart phones and a tablet for his overseas trip. All mobiles except one were under contract and considered little could be done without additional contracts and costs, something he wanted to avoid.

After just 15 minutes reviewing Kevin’s phone accounts, I called Kevin with a simple and effective solution that would meet his needs and without a 5 year lock in contract. Here’s what we did for Kevin, we reduced his mobile account by $169 per month and he now has two brand new 4G Samsung Galaxy phones and a blisteringly fast Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Kevin was delighted; all boxes ticked and no long term contracts.

Here’s the kicker that made Kevin’s day, we cut his monthly 1300 costs by a massive 37%. This was the cream on top of an already great result. A delighted Kevin called me a few days later to say he was very glad he didn’t proceed with the biased offer initially presented to him.

This is what Kevin said to Stefan a few days later “Thanks for putting us on to Greg! He obviously knows his business and is very professional”.






[section=IT Companies]

Olliehan Solutions is a full service IT company. We’ve had a referral arrangement with Greg for a number of years now. Our clients have been delighted with the telecommunications products and services provided Phone Systems Brisbane with the feedback always being first class.

Greg has the ability to provide information quickly, often off the top of his head. If he does need to check something, he doesn’t leave me hanging.  The Phone Systems Brisbane team is good at putting things in simple terms that are easy to understand. Greg in particular, takes the extra time needed to ensure that we understand exactly the solution we are getting and why it is best for our particular situation.

Over the years we’ve deployed a number of SIP (VoIP) solutions for our clients in collaboration with Phone Systems Brisbane. As such we’ve had first-hand experience on projects with Phone Systems Brisbane. They have always delivered above and beyond expectations. In particular their amazing combination of Voice and IT technical skills.  This makes Phone Systems Brisbane both rare and invaluable when it comes to successfully deploying SIP projects on time without problems.  This means that IT professionals can feel confident they are in good hands when deploying Voice on their IT network.

Our own recent growth has meant that we have needed to make changes to our phone system.  Greg introduced us to a cloud based phone system. Based on the success of previous deployments I was confident that Greg would have the right solution for us. Now we enjoy clear and crisp VoIP phone calls all day, every day.

We have moved all of our telecommunications over to Phone Systems Brisbane.  In the process of doing this they helped us improve the service being provided through our 1300 number and slash our 1300 number costs at the same time.

When I refer Phone Systems Brisbane to my clients I simply tell them that they have excellent technical engineers, Greg goes the extra mile to completely understand your needs, the prices are always competitive, they get back to you quickly with prices and proposals and we’ve enjoyed a close working relationship for years now.

I can certainly highly recommend Greg, and Phone Systems Brisbane to anyone who wants great quality, service and value.

Christina Harbridge. CEO. Olliehan Solutions


[section=Safety Systems]

Concept Safety Systems (CSS) came in contact with Greg via a recommendation. That was two years ago and we have enjoyed a great working relationship. Now I too am ready to recommend Greg, and the team. Telephony is critically important to Concept Safety, since our business MUST be operational 24/7. Greg makes this happen for us simply and easily with solutions we can depend on.

We recently relocated from one side of Brisbane to the other… needless to say we were concerned about potential down time.  Phone Systems Brisbane facilitated the move seamlessly with zero down time and minimal headache.

Our new VoIP Phone System delivers clear crisp phone calls for our 25 staff day in day out. Additionally, we are delighted with the easy to use, feature rich software that comes with the system.  We can set up a multi-party conference call in just a few clicks and our voice mails are sent to our smart phones so we never miss important calls.

It was a no brainer for us to connect to Phone Systems Brisbane’s SIP Trunks (business grade VoIP lines). These lines have been crisp, clear, fault free and always on for us – year in year out.  The VoIP phone systems and SIP trunks have been pivotal in successfully maintaining our unique 24/7 operation.

Phone Systems Brisbane is a full service Telco provider and now looks after all of our data and telephony services – mobiles and critical 1300 numbers included. They are very easy to deal with, a simple email or a quick call from me is all that is needed to get a problems fixed or question answered.

Overall I have been able to trust Phone Systems Brisbane’s advice and that they will be there for us when we need them.  I can highly recommend the team to those businesses who need a quality telephony and data solutions, supported by real experts that doesn’t cost the earth.

John Hummelstad

Executive Chairman

Concept Safety Systems.







“As a large medical clinic, we are used to spending a lot on telephone accounts, however we are saving between 50 to 60 percent off our monthly bill …. It is good to know that the system should pay for itself within two-and-a-half years.
Cathy Sawyers, Practice Manager. Wellers Hill Medical Centre

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Greg and the team were very helpful and were able to sort out problems quickly. I was provided with the information I needed without being treated like an idiot – they put the technobabble into plain English for me and were very pleasant to deal with.

Phone Systems Brisbane’s costs were better than the other quotes I received. The bigger companies wanted an arm and a leg and seemed tunnelled visioned on getting my signature at all costs. Greg, on the other hand, sounded like he knew what he was talking about and he didn’t behave like a slick sales person.  In fact Greg was able to get our phone numbers allocated 4 months prior to opening so that we has plenty of advertising lead time for our new Medical @ My Centre Nerang.

We now have an excellent Panasonic VoIP phone system with Business Grade VoIP Lines together with very low monthly line rental and call costs. Our VoIP lines are crystal clear and we’ve experienced excellent quality calls from day one. The Phone Systems Brisbane techs are obviously very proud of their workmanship; our phone system and IT infrastructure are very well presented and neat as a pin.

Greg’s collaborative nature helped me with an excellent IT company contact specialising in Medical Practices. I’m very impressed with Greg’s recommendation and comfortable to see they work well together. This gave me confidence knowing that true professionals were sorting out my Telephones and IT systems.

There have only been a couple of little issues with our phones system. As soon as I contacted Greg it was fixed.  This is a BIG difference to the way most company’s deal with technical issues on site.

I’ve recommended Greg to others in my circle of medical practitioners and he’s been successful there too. Overall, Greg has a good prices, fast service and is very easy to deal

Alyson Pevreal, CEO. Medical @ My Centre Nerang.





[section=Child Care]

Google “Phone Systems Brisbane”

Just a short note to say thank you to you and your team for your dedicated, professional yet friendly service and attention.

When the Centre was looking for a company to install an upgraded telephone system, all I could do was Google “phone systems brisbane” and hope for the best.

You listened…the biggest bonus on a personal level is the fact that I never have to deal with Telstra again and whenever I have a request or an issue, I get a friendly voice on the other end of the phone who is willing to assist me in what ever way possible

Kerrie Wilson, Manager. Aspen Community Child care Inc.

Aspen Community Child Care Logo









“Four things stood out to me the most…

… Greg listened
… he provided tremendous savings
… he delivered on time and on budget
… and, he gave us great backup and support

David Young, CEO.
Australian Recruiting Group.



If you are buying a complex solution like we were, you need to understand what you’re getting.  Greg was the one who made sure we understood which gave us the confidence to move ahead.
Marcie Richardson. General Manager. Lincoln Brokerage.





[section=Service Industry]

Though we started out just looking for a new phone system, Phone Systems Brisbane was able to structure a combined solution that took care of our land lines and mobiles. We ended up with better coverage and a lower phone bill. In fact the lease payments on the new system are totally covered by the savings in our monthly phone bill. I guess you could say that it was a no brainer to go with Phone Systems Brisbane.
Mark Warner, Director Edge Industries.



[section=Auto Industry]

Normally a sales person will tell you anything to make a sale… he delivered on his promises. Greg is good at keeping an eye out for ways to reduce costs… we have saved about $900 a month since the new phone system was installed.”
Ross Tait, CEO. Ballina Toyota



“I have dealt with Greg Eicke for many years and he always takes the time to understand our needs and concerns. Greg is easy to talk to, especially when it comes to explaining in layman’s terms how the telephone system will operate”.
Laurice Woods, CEO. Janitor Supplies


I was impressed with the effort that Greg went to in understanding and analysing our needs. Greg recommended a terrific IP Telephone system and then provided some wonderful recommendations on how to reduce our phone bill by up to 48%.
Kate Casey, Manager Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear.



[section=Registered Training Organisation]

“Greg also freely advised, without favour, on solutions which were outside his commercial realm”.

… Greg went on to ensure that the options that he provided were designed to actively enhance our business without excessively stretching our budget. Greg also freely advised without favour, on solutions which were outside of his commercial realm.
Tim Isaacs, General Manager – FITEC.