Unified Communication + Cloud Information Technology = Unified Collaboration

It is important to understand how these tools on the marriage between communication and cloud IT are shaping modern business success

Thanks to VoIP, the cloud, and mobile technology, communications is everywhere. Telco’s feel that they have achieved, or are well on our way to achieving, ubiquitous accessibility. When users receive a call or an Instant Message or SMS, their phone, computer, mobile app, and tablet all tell them. All these devices know where they are (presence) and are able to pass the call – media and signaling.

Unified communications? Check! Information technology has seen a similar transformation      with cloud-based applications, servers, and storage rapidly becoming the norm. Business productivity software including word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, CRM systems, project management, expense reporting, and a long litany of other subsystems are being customized, cloudified, and made accessible from everywhere to everyone.

In the next evolution of NBN technology one line of belief is that the business phone system market and the business software market will become bedfellows. The net result will be that business will capture productivity and efficiency gains never before thought possible. Smart Business Owners will gain a sustainable competitive advantage by integrating with productivity tools and other cloud business software.