T Gen Cloud Back Up & Storage

Protect your most important data – no matter how much there is

System failures, malicious software viruses, natural and man-made disasters, human error or even theft can all threaten the integrity and security of vital corporate information. Data is at the heart of most businesses and we know that most businesses will do whatever it takes to protect it. It’s only natural.

T Gen Cloud Back Up & Storage





The problem is that the volume of data organisations are now expected to manage makes it very difficult to develop an effective data backup and recovery strategy. Corporate governance rules are becoming stricter and even many small companies must regularly back up terabytes of information. In some organisations, data growth has been so extreme that the common practice of running backups overnight isn’t enough anymore.





backupThe good news…

…is that T Gen’s Cloud Backup & Storage provides a highly secure, automated method of protecting your critical business data, including complex databases such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server.

It’s a hassle-free alternative to conventional optical and tape backup systems. You only pay for what you use and there’s no upfront capital expenditure or ongoing maintenance expenses.




PC  How it works

Using a simple self-serve user interface, you define what data you want to back up and when you want the backups to occur. Your data is then encrypted, compressed and sent to our data centre through a secure virtual private network. After your initial full backup, each additional update simply backs up the data that has changed in the meantime. As with all things T Gen, it’s solid, secure and simple.

  • Turnkey backup control
  • Scale up or down or as required
  • Easy to manage
  • Protection where you need it
  • Australian Data Location Guarantee



         20 Gig $29 / Month

       100 Gig $79 / Month

       250 Gig $199 / Month

       750 Gig $359 / Month

     1000 Gig $399 / Month