T Gen Fax 2 Email

T Gen Fax 2 Email is a cloud-based faxing solution for the digital age! Receive fax messages sent to a traditional fax number, delivered straight to your e-mail inbox as PDF documents –

fax  Receive Fax
– Receive Faxes as PDF documents to your E-mail Address
– Fax inbox stores your received fax messages in the cloud
– Port your existing fax number to this service

  Send Fax
– Send Faxes via E-mail
– Send faxes from Microsoft Word (Office 2010, 2013)
– Send to Multiple Recipients (fax broadcast)
– Schedule faxes to send when it suits you!

  Other features:
– iPhone/iPad and Android Smartphone/Tablet Compatible
– Comprehensive reporting, delivery confirmation and notification options

  Communicator support
This service supports the T Gen Communicator desktop software. You can send messages and get instant message notifications straight from your desktop when you bundle this service with Communicator.

$9.90 / Month