1. Big 4 or Boutique?
  2. Do I need a new Phone System?
  3. Can my IT company provide Phone Systems?
  4. Do You Offer Generic or Recognised Phone System Brands?
  5. Am I protected by Industry Licencing and Regulators?

Why I put This Document Together

I put this document together to help business people become aware of the potential options (and pitfalls) when the nbn™ evangelist comes knocking.

I’ve been able to piece all of this together because for the better part of my 3-plus decade career I’ve installed, maintained, and sold Telephone Systems. This has also allowed me to provide sound advice from ‘Feet on the street practical experience.  The aim has always been to achieve the best solution and value for money for my clients.

If on the other hand you are an ICT professional, it may be advantageous to chat further over a coffee. After 35 years in the industry we have a keen understanding of the intricacies of telephones and computers sharing a common platform. From our considerable experience the best results come from collaboration between telephone vendor and the ICT team. The overriding goal is to complete the project, not to compete.

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