understanding your bill

A. New Charges

These are the charges for all services in this billing cycle, including GST

B. Account Number

This is your account number. Quote this number when making an enquiry about your account

C. Date of Issue

This is the date of issue of this invoice, marks the end of billing cycle.

D. Amount Due

This is the total amount due, which may include overdue payments from previous billing cycles.

E. Charges Summary

Shows a summary of charges and discounts that are detailed within the Bill

F. Payment Slip

Payment Slip for Remittance, please note that is you are on Direct Debit payment will automatically be paid from your nominated account on the 15th of each month.

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G. Billing Enquires

For all billing inquiries, please ring Customer Service on 1300889887 between 9am -5pm, Mon-Fri

H. How to Pay

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I. Summary by Charge Type

List all your charges for this billing period by charge type.

J. Service Summary

List all charges per service

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K. Itemised Charges by Charge Type