3 Very Quick Questions

We’d like your opinion on 3 quick questions about the work place, but before I do that let me tell you a story about Mary…

Mary is a lawyer. She is working from her home office today because her daughter is ill and home from school. Mary’s most valued client telephones her corporate office about a critically urgent legal matter. The Receptionist is only able to offer the anxious client the option to leave a voice mail or send an email message. Even though Mary’s laptop is connected to the corporate server she has no connection for telephone calls. Mary remains focused on her work (taking full advantage of time without the usual office distractions) and is completing her tasks in rapid time. Later Mary checks her emails to discover the urgent matter. With poor mobile reception from home Mary was left with the decision to call her client from her private home phone. This would reveal her private phone number or… we’ll leave that to your imagination. [polldaddy survey=”C77C166E2D6E795F” type=”button” title=”Got a sec to answer 3 quick questions?” style=”rounded” text_color=”FFFFFF” back_color=”FF0808″]

Here’s how easily Mary’s situation could be enhanced (revolutionised) with Unified Communications. It’s as simple as 2 mouse clicks to set up Mary’s basic home telephone with all the features she enjoys in her corporate office! Just think about how sensational that is..

This means that when the call came for Mary, the receptionist could see Mary’s availability on her screen, then simply transfer the call just as if Mary were in her corporate office down the hall. Oh! and when Mary calls her client back the corporate office caller ID is displayed which means her privacy is always protected!

OK now it’s time for you to give us your 2 cents worth We’d like to hear your perspective on the potential impact Unified communications would have on your business. To facilitate this we put together a very short survey. This way you can have your say on more ways that you can realise significant productivity gains from Unified Communications. Once I’ve got about 50 responses I’ll compile the survey results and provide some more practical insights based on the survey findings… I’ve been at this for 30 years and have a lot to share. The survey just helps to zero in on the issues that matter most to you right now.  Just click the red button below to add your 2 cents please.  Thanks. [polldaddy survey=”C77C166E2D6E795F” type=”button” title=”Got a sec to answer 3 quick questions?” style=”rounded” text_color=”FFFFFF” back_color=”FF0808″]

Unified CommunicationsOver the last few years the upswing in unified communication deployments has gained a lot of attention from senior management. Collaboration tools like video conferencing and instant messaging were once seen as “Corporate Only” tools. Now days these are basic and essential to daily business life. The child of the computer and the humble telephone is “Unified Communications” and has unleashed opportunities never thought possible just a few short years ago. Let me explain…

Remote workers are usually provided a remote access laptop and a mobile phone. Unfortunately the traditional laptop / mobile combination falls well short of addressing even the most basic needs of a modern remote worker.  For example:

MXIE Video

  1. Office staff have no visibility outside of their immediate environment.
  2. Home offices are not set up for conference and video calls.
  3. Effectively managing calls while working away from the office without playing “Telephone Tag”.

Unified Communications solves these problems and allows workers to have the same functionality no matter where they may be. In my next post we’ll drill deeper into these areas and explore some others so you can see why Unified Communications has earn’t its enviable reputation as a game changer.