This report is structured in a way that answers some of the more commonly asked questions. If some of the concepts are new to you, don’t worry. The language used in this report is deliberately ‘plain English’ and should help dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions around VoIP phone systems.

If on the other hand you are an IT professional, it may be advantageous to chat further over a coffee. After 27 years in the industry we have a keen understanding of the intricacies of telephones and computers sharing a common platform. From our considerable experience the best results come from collaboration between telephone vendor and IT team. The overriding goal is to complete the project, not to compete.

Readers who’ve read my Special report “Don’t buy a VoIP phone system before you read this report” will now understand what VoIP means in layman’s terms. Now let me show you that not all VoIP Phone Systems are built equal and the slick sales spiel often glosses over the vital considerations when selecting a perfect fit IP Phone System for your business.
Voice on a computer network must be treated with a different set of rules. It takes many years of experience and comprehensive technical training to successfully sell, deploy and support VoIP Phone systems. You wouldn’t ask your plumber for his opinion on a broken leg, would you?

You see software, Desktops, routers and servers are the domain of the IT professional, and an IP Telephony system simply shares the network and cabling. The challenge for many IT executives is to make the business case for unified communications. This can be tricky, because purported productivity benefits can be hard to quantify. However if the business case exist, Unified Communications is a way to improve internal communications and increase productivity. There also is the potential for cost savings.

Setting and managing expectations is an important part of a successful Unified Communications (UC) deployment. Any institution considering migrating to UC must carefully evaluate the many options to determine at which point their needs actually suit a UC solution.
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