Crisp Clear Business Grade VoIP

It was just 28 years ago as a young apprentice Telecom Australia technician I worked on bush telephone party lines made from fencing wire strung across rivers, between trees and bush poles. A very basic service in the purest form was the only link to the outside world for many rural Australians and where “crackles, echo’s and pops” were a part of every phone call. As for fax and data, that was simply impossible. The Internet and Mobile phones were still to come.


We now have the NBN is rolling out across Australia offering a plethora of opportunities for Australian business owners to catapult their business onto the global stage. The overwhelming development of technology products once starved of high-speed bandwidth is fueling the insatiable appetite for quality broadband. The NBN is so much more than fast Internet, communications as we know it will change forever. A single high-speed broadband connection can host, Telephones, Internet and Television offering massive financial gains for the astute business entrepreneur. We’re in a very exciting time in the history of telecommunications.

Did you know, you don’t need to wait for the NBN to reap the

massive rewards VoIP offers?

 Yes that’s right it here right now… 4 years ago we embraced the change and recognised VoIP would be the only form of communication with the looming NBN. In that time we’ve connected countless delighted customers onto our Crisp Clear Business grade VoIP services fact our customers have had crisp clear conversations

for 749 000 minutes in the last 12 months.

 You see VoIP works just like your landline, the secret is business grade connections and of course many years of technical feet on the street hands on experience helps too.

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