The 7 Most Important Questions To Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

Price driven Telco’s give you the sales spiel that you want to hear, it’s cheap and easy, you’ll save on line rental, call costs and it’s a breeze. These service providers would have you believe VoIP is simple as connecting your ADSL to your phone system for cheap calls but the truth is there’s so much more to consider. It’s mostly these VoIP providers that are at the root of the awful horror stories you’ll often hear.

What if the Internet goes down in my area?

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Business grade VoIP service providers don’t use the Internet because of the common poor quality characteristics. Generally they’ll use a private IP connection, which does use the Internet, which means your call quality is better or equal to your traditional landline.

The rule of thumb here is “redundancy”. Since VoIP communications can rely on just one service you’ll need to make sure there is a suitable and viable redundancy set up in the event of a major failure.

Quality Business grade VoIP service providers will automatically divert your incoming calls to your company mobile in the event of a failure. It’s worth noting here that although the auto divert can be done; it’s the final setup of your system that determines the success. This is something we’ve years of hands on feet on the street experience with, we’re passionate about making 100% sure your business remains connected even in the most difficult circumstances.

What about redundancy?