We communicate in a bewildering array of ways every day, but we give little thought to the potential profit and efficiency increases of modern communications integrated into business processes.  In most cases these technologies are almost always isolated Silo based, which means little or no integration and the true potential of the device or application is not realised. Here are some ideas you may not have considered.

  • PC based applications – Softphones, Instant Messaging, Chat, VoIP.
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Screen Sharing where others can see your desk top
  • Interactive Conferencing
  • Voice Mail to email
  • Desk top video
  • Fax to and from the desk top
  • Instant Messaging and chat
  • Integrated Unified Communications Platforms, not Silo based systems used in isolation.

Some considerations about your business processes

  • Do all employees work in the office or not?
  • How do employees connect when they work remotely or travel?
  • Can I adopt IP telephony with my existing system?

Is the sales person trying to baffle you with techno babble and sell you on features that you don’t really need, offering no business improvement and may rarely use? A genuine professional telecom expert will expand your knowledge and expose ideas where you can gain significant financial advantage from smart telephony features.