What is SIP

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is one of the most popular methods of IP Telephony today. Wikipedia defines SIP as “an application-layer control (signalling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants.” Such sessions include not only IP telephony but also other applications such as multimedia distribution and conferences. Offering many convenient features, SIP is extensively used today in VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.
SIP is now extensively used for messaging to connect SIP Enabled PBX’s and SIP user agents, thus establishing a VoIP network between them. Now SIP has emerged to become far more popular, for voice networking and transmission, than traditional telephony and fixed-line circuits.

Enter Zultys
Realising the huge potential of SIP telephony, Zultys pioneered the open standard SIP phone system back in 2001, which offers its users many features and advantages over traditional phone systems. Often SIP, IP Telephony and VoIP phone systems are described as Unified communications.

SIP Trunks
One of the best advantages of using SIP is that you will be able to reduce your monthly phone bills by huge amounts! You see SIP trunks don’t share the same costly infrastructure as tradition telephone lines like PSTN and ISDN, this means you can do much more for much less. SIP trunks are delivered over high speed broadband services only limited by available bandwidth. VoIP services should only be delivered over private IP providers where the broadband service does not use the public Internet.

SIP Handsets
Usually the largest part of a Unified Communications investment is phone handsets. It is possible to replace desk phones with “SIP Softphones” where your desk top PC is converted into a phone with the addition of a low cost headset. The Zultys Unified Communications client called MXIE comes complete with a soft phone built in at no extra cost.
“SIP phones are low cost in the sub-200- dollar range, which is much less than a digital key phone system handset. This sounds great but you’ll need to be aware of any potential functionality loss by using generic handsets as many VoIP phone system manufacturers do not support all functions on 3rd party handsets.
Buyers beware! Ask vendor for a comprehensive demonstration before making your purchasing decision.
The world is fast changing and you should change with it. So get into the groove with Zultys and become SIP savvy!